How the wealthy people is affecting our U.S. today

by: Arlyn Vega and Keo Martinez

Have you ever noticed how the wealthy people in the us have been affecting us in a negative way?  Well… its time to start opening your eyes on how they affect our world today. It seems like nowadays the less fortunate are trying to make an impact in our world and the wealthy grew to be more apathetic and lazy.

It says that an average person spends 10% of their life actually doing their job.

Do you ever wonder what the other 90% are doing instead of their jobs? The average person spends 13 years and two months at work, according to one analysis from HuffPost Australia. People have grown to become lazy where they get easily distracted for example phones and friends.

People have been focused in their own lives that work started to become much less of a priority and more like daily chore.

It seems like their jobs have become less enjoyable so they’ve grown to become lazy.

The less amount you work the same amount of money you still get?

Back then if you put in enough effort in your job you could get paid more or earn a good amount of money on your paycheck. Nowadays, People have been lacking on their jobs and put a minimum amount of effort and still earn a bunch of money.

Wealthy people put a lot of effort in work including the poor but the amount of effort they put in can be very sad. I say that the bosses should start opening their eyes and see how low can be.

Can being wealthy change how you are?

“Wealthy people experience more positive emotions when focused on themselves, new research suggests. Or to put it another way; being rich makes you self-centered and selfish. As the old adage goes, money can’t buy you happiness but it seems that it does have an zimpact on what brings you joy.” Wealthy have been selfish nowadays and not so careful with their money so it looks like. Looks like they are not exactly model citizens.

Have you started noticing how they use their money especially anyone famous on social media. They use their money on useless stuff in my opinion.

As wealthy they can be instead of spending their money on stuff they don’t need instead, they can spend it more on things that are necessary.

The wealthy have grown to be apathetic towards the US today. The more wealthy they be the more sluggish they start to get.

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