Could America meet the same fate as Rome?

By: Jordan Harris

If you aren’t aware, our president is constantly putting the safety of our home state at risk and at this point, basically have no say in the decisions.

There is nothing we can do to change the way our president does things because he doesn’t pay attention to the people as much as he should, which could lead to the fall of America.

If you think about it for a good minute, America these days is working a lot like Rome did back then, that means that America can also end the same way as rome, here’s why…

Illegal Immigrants in America

During the Roman Republic (509 B.C.-27 B.C.) and the early Roman Empire, immigration was largely confined to those whom Rome had conquered and enslaved.

Early immigration also occurred when armed migrant tribes seeking new lands attempted unsuccessfully to conquer Roman territory. A famous example of this was the migration of the Germanic Cimbri and Teutones into Gaul (now France and northern Italy) during the period 120-101 B.C.

America is very iffy on the welcoming of immigrants into America. They aren’t as “barbaric” as they used to be in Rome with slavery and conquering, but most officials don’t treat it lightly, nonetheless.

The more immigrants there are in America calls for more job openings needed, in Rome more immigrants or “barbarians” were used as slaves and there were not many jobs needed because they mostly filled in farm work.

So more immigrants in America could need more jobs but that is including the naturalization process which wasn’t really a thing in The Roman Republic and Early Roman Empire.

3 Facts to Consider

-1.) Immigrants = More Jobs

-2.) More Jobs = More Money

-3.) More Money = Inflation

America is still very different from Rome.

On the other hand, we still remember Rome as one of the strongest empires that we’ve seen. Well, not exactly seen, but have heard of. The military situation is vastly different.

After fighting off all challengers for centuries, Rome’s military power waned and it was finally overtaken by a series of military losses to Germanic tribes, including the sacking of Rome in 410 by the Visigoth King Alaric, and another sacking by the Visigoths led by Geiseric in 455.

In 476, the Germanic warrior Odoacer led a revolt from within that deposed the Emperor Romulus Augustulus, making him the last Roman emperor to rule Italy from Rome. The Eastern part of the Empire actually survived until 1453 CE, when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks.

The U.S. has powerful military opponents like Russia and China, but an all-out conflict involving any of the nuclear powers seems highly unlikely due to mutually assured destruction.

However, asymmetrical warfare like terror attacks by Islamic fundamentalists or cyberattacks and subterfuge from Russia can cause more gradual decline in American power due to weakening confidence in its leaders and institutions.

Still, this is not likely to result in a serious military loss unless a more direct confrontation takes place, which at this point seems impossible. So the world’s most powerful military should keep America intact for the time being.

Still either way, America is making the same mistakes as Rome.

The country is less a melting pot today, but a stew of competing ethnic, racial, and social divisions. National, state, and local debt loads are unsustainable.

Our national infrastructure – roads and bridges – is falling apart from neglect and lack of maintenance even as our electronic infrastructure lags many of our international competitors.

Political corruption is rife and influence is based by the size of financial donation to the political party and candidate

Many political observers believe that in the era of rampant partisanship, America’s system of checks and balances in government is no longer operative

There is still a possibility, but we just need to be cautious.

The possibility of the fall of America is a very popular topic nowadays and has been for a while now. It is very prominent and could happen at anytime, all it takes is one mistake.

Our President is very nonchalant about the topic, and his little dumb slogan “Make America Great Again,” probably just jinxed us for the worst. If he does one thing wrong or breaks one of his connections, that could EASILY result in war.

This is basing off of how hot-headed all of our connected leaders are, so they all have the power to start a war if the time comes or if our “AmAzInG pReSiDeNt” gets on someone powerfuls’ nerves.

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