Are the Poor Taxed More?

Names: Mia Baltimore and Anna Lewczyk

Are the Poor Taxed More?

Have you ever wondered why someone else’s taxes are much less or much more than yours…

Overtaxing has been a growing issue in the United States that many Americans suffer from, and it does not help Americans are also being overworked and underpaid….

The richest people in the United States aren’t treated fairly with the amount that they pay with taxes. It’s unfair because many people work minimum wage jobs and they struggle to pay their bills and taxes. People with the highest income, don’t have to worry because they pay less in percentage than the poor and middle class Americans

How Much do Low Income Households Pay?

Most of the poor are paid less than $19,000 a year and 11% of that paycheck goes to state and local governments. Meaning if you make $19,000 you pay $2,090 in taxes.

America is known to be the most overworked country and America was #16 in the world’s highest income tax rate list in 2017. Alaska one of the most overworked states with 41.6 hours per week while New York is the highest taxed state in 2018 with a total of 13.04%.

Differences and Similarities?

Well, Rome’s citizens did not pay taxes so the country could not pay for their army. Unless America’s government is in debt, our army is being paid for. The differences add up but many other issues are the same too. There were ten main reasons why Rome fell, but the United States could not face some of these problems now. Starvation and disease was one of the reasons Rome fell, but unless a new virus emerged, our medical professionals would have it covered. Another reason that Rome fell was because of tribes taking over. While it is still possible, there is an unlikely chance that tribes would take over the whole country when we have advanced military weapons and officials.

Is America Becoming Rome?

As unbelievable as it might seem America is suffering from many of the same issues Rome suffered from hundreds of years ago. But overtaxing wasn’t the reason why Rome fell, Rome also had social and political problems that played a role in its downfall, but there is also a possibility that America could experience these same problems later on so is America becoming the new Rome?

Our Thoughts

Although America is facing many problems Rome had faced hundreds of years ago we do not believe America is the new Rome, When Rome fell it was a completely different time but now we have more advanced technology. There is way more that goes into a country falling nowadays then back in 476. The country could fall if many factors lined up such as wars, economic issues, and if our military did not care to fight anymore. The country could also fall due to environmental issues as well, but governmental issues are more probable. So in conclusion, we do not believe that America is gonna fall like Rome.

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