Are rich Americans getting more lazier with more problems?

By Joi Wilson and Grace M.


Whenever there is a Pollution or Government problem, people with less money tend to try to fix it. Some rich people will help, but we’re not seeing that much participation from them.  

People that don’t make as much money and are on the lower side of the spectrum care more about the news and problems because it might affect their work or other things in their lives. Money tends to make people feel as if they don’t need to focus on other things.

This is also showing a resemblance of when Rome was falling apart and the rich shared no concerns toward it and care about themselves. Now some of America’s wealthy people are reenacting this issue.  

If you were watching YouTube, some people discuss on how money can be corrupting to the mind. I looked at more videos and websites, I realized that this could lead toward peoples compassion getting killed by money. Are Rich Americans getting lazier with more Problems?


Is money killing compassion in others?  

This was tested by multiple scientists that people who are known to be wealthy don’t have to likeness to care what is happening around them.  

It’s found that most wealthy Americans don’t care much about other people’s health and well-being. Some wealthy Americans even won’t risk buying candy for a child. It’s proven that when rich Americans are in front of a TV and watch a commercial about kids with cancer that react less than people in poverty.     

Are rich people being less included in this society

It’s found that according to the Association for Psychological Science that higher class citizens (rich Americans) don’t care much about their surroundings. For one of the proven facts, it’s found that rich people and actually ruder towards people with more poverty.

For their first experiment, they gave wealthy and less wealthy people Google glasses with eye tracking on them. As the experiment was going on, they notice that the less wealthy people more likely looking at people on Instagram. While, wealthy people look more at dwell “things”.  


Are the rich destroying the economy?

People have been recognizing that wealthy people have lower tax rates than less wealthy people. This causes poor people to struggle to make money, which causes the richer Americans to Feel superior and as if their more important. Also, richer Americans control half of all the Wealth. When it comes to taxes, the rich aren’t investing some of their resources. Some have said whenever they receive money, it will either be spent on vehicles and accessories. The rich should be paying the most taxes since they make the most but the poorer side of the spectrum seem to be paying more taxes? The rich seem to be thriving and doing better than ever. For the poorer people I’m not sure I can totally say that same but it isn’t the worst it would ever be. The poor people in the end would be affected the most by anything that damages their jobs and that’s why the Rich Americans don’t keep track of the news very well. Giving rich more money is not doing any good for the economy because not that money rich people are investing in money. It’s more like depositing it. The rich just end up hoarding all the money, and when they find was to make more they just hire as few people as possible.


Rich people don’t need anything else so only think about themselves and not government issues.

Richer Americans tend to not think about government issues because their too busy focusing on their money and power. Wealthier Americans also tend to not rely on others, making them not pay attention to other citizens. Some wealthier Americans no longer watch the news because they’re too busy looking at their popularity status or how much money they have to stay at the top. Researchers said that the more powerful people will only nod or laugh while in a conversation about Political or Economic issues. Another test was two people having a conversation about the death of a loved one or troubles, and they were lower class. The conversation between higher class showed less concern and hardship.

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