America’s Step to Disaster

America’s Step to Disaster

Ayaan K, Ayaan A

America and Rome have been looking similar lately when it comes to poverty and poor government management.  Most of the time when I get on to my phone there something wrong going on.


Rome was not going down the right path after a certain point of no self-management which lead to many crucial factors. America right now is starting to go down that path and nobody has done anything about it.


Rome’s self-management had become to such an extent in which it caused their own civil war. I’m not saying that will happen again in America, but there has been many horrific events occurring recently.


Horrific events including school shootings, sex trafficking, and diseases have been a serious problem in Rome and America.


Horrific events copied and pasted…

School shootings have been occurring a lot recently. In 2018 alone, there was a total of 24 school shootings that included 114 people killed or injured. The most dreadful school shooting that had happened in the last year was in Florida. These shootings go back to Rome as if the Barbarians invaded them multiple times in a period of time.


Women yesterday and today


Sex trafficking has been a serious issue for many years now in America. Women discrimination can be lead back to Rome. Women back in Rome were treated like slaves with no rights. Women back then were mainly used to birth children and to make good warriors. Nowadays, predators use women as they were treated back in Rome.


Diseases never changed


Diseases are a significant part of our society. Although, we have found some helping factors towards diseases but not cures. Specifically chemotherapy has helped people with cancer. Except, citizens in Rome did not have the technology we have today in order to prevent further harm of diseases.


Grinding Poverty


The poverty rate has climbed vastly since 1970. The poverty rate has gone up about four percent since 2018. It’s very sad to hear about 43 million people live in poverty. Now 13.5 percent of American adults and kids live in poverty.


Food silence


Starvation is a colossal issue that America deals with. Americans should always try to donate whatever they can to the less fortunate.  Charities have helped many people who live in poverty, but it’s not enough to help all in need. Many citizens who lived in Rome were not categorized as people who live in poverty if they did not have water or food. Nowadays, we have become smarter people in order to know we need food and water to survive.


Our money is being wasted


Next, it was hard to grow crops back in Rome during certain climates. It’s also hard to grow crops in America during winter because of the cold climate. On the contrary, America has a much bigger economy in marketing and trade. In the Roman times, not many people could afford to buy from small markets. Also, not all people had enough items to put up for trade. This also decreases a person’s income if they are the farmer growing crops. Many Romans depended on crops to survive, but once the natural disasters occur, it’s over.

Come to a conclusion…

Rome and America are very similar in their ways. The both countries deal with people who are impoverished, doleful government issues, disease and agricultural issues. At times, the countries deal with intricate problems. Although, the both countries are incessant on making their countries better for their society.


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