A Path Towards A Civil War

Heading Towards A Civil War.

by Aldan W and Jackson K

For a nation that has been around for 242 years should would begin to worry about the downfall of america?

This idea has become for apparent in recent years due to the huge disagreements in different ideas about politics and the economic structure and so on.

If huge disagreements like this i wouldn’t be surprised if  our downfall is due to civil war just like how the civil war the Romans had lead to their downfall.

For America the problems that could lead us to another civil war are the opposition of opinions, economic structure, taxes, and wealth

The Opposition Of Opinions

The Opposition of opinion is the difference in ideas, politics, and other ideas.

In America there are many different ideas and opinions about the politics and how our country should be run.

People used to share these opinions and were accepting of others but in more recent time people are no longer really sharing their political opinions because people are now and days will argue saying your wrong and your opinions should not exist.

In more recent times the split between political opinions has grown, and as the this split has grown there has been a growth in the tension between these opinions.

This tension between political opinions has caused people to riot against people who believe in a different idea just because they don’t believe in their own opinions.

As of right now there is a growing tension due to the opposition of opinions which could eventually lead a path which could be the end of our nation.


Economic Structure

When it comes to our economic structure there are a lot of opinions and disagreements about what our economic structure should be.

Our Economic Structure is a huge argument among people in our country because  lot of people believe that we should be running our economic system.

A lot of people believe that our Capitalist system is corrupted and flawed in every way and they believe that we should switch to socialism.

In more recent year arguments about our economic structure being capitalist or socialist have become more frequent.

But the big problem about these arguments is more people are blindly following people who believe that we should switch to socialism even thought these people don’t know what socialism is.

For those who don’t know socialism is where the ways of making a living are owned by the people not by the corporations.

For those who don’t know by switching to a socialist structure would most likely be the end of our nation because socialism tends to end up causing a country to go into poverty.

Socialism would probably lead us to a civil war if it was put into place because if our nation followed the trend we most likely end up in poverty, which would cause a major split in the wealthy and poor people of our nation to the point where it starts a civil war, just like it did in Rome.


Taxes are a big cause of debate in our nation because many people believe that taxes should be lowered and others believe that taxes are absolutely need to fund things in the government.

The sad thing about taxes is that neither side on the debate can come to terms with each other.

Since neither side can come to terms with each other it has caused a problem were both sides of the debate can never agree.

For example republicans believe that we should lower tax rates because it protects business and people and that the democrats idea of the taxes is a wasteful system.

The Democrats believe that the taxes are useful to the government in trying fund projects and other things ,but they believe the republicans idea is funneling money to the wealthy.

With neither side of the debate not being able to come to terms with each other on taxes it just a another issue that could be fueling a potential civil war in america overall all of these could lead to a civil war or be causes of a civil war. With growing tension between political parties and classes could lead us to a civil war, if problems are not fixed.



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