By sophia and rachel

Will  we be the next Rome?

In the past, Rome  has suffered many problems caused the fall of the Roman  Empire. Recently the United States has been suffering from recent government issues, could these issues lead to another civil war?Colosseum, Italy


Will we  have enough soldiers for the next war?

War can cause serious damage to the  city and to the people who live in that city. It can also cause a lot of people to loose their property and most importantly their families. If another war is about to happen will we have enough soldiers to protect us or more importantly protect our country? A Civil  War could  weaken us and give another country the perfect opportunity to attack us in our weakest state.

Will we be safe or will it just be temporary?

How long  will this war go on for, years, months, weeks, days?

For example the first civil war lasted for four long years, and six hundred and twenty thousand people died in total. How many people will we loose? If we have a lot of soldiers to protect us and fight the other country than the less chance we have of the population dying.

Can we survive? If we have the proper supplies to survive such as food, water,  shelter, and firearms then we will have a very high chance to survive. The aftermath of wars can be depressing because of the amount of lives that were lost and  the destruction of buildings, homes and many more.

The Roman Empire fell due to the government not doing well as they should’ve  been but it is 2019 and we have a better  government so the chance  of  having another civil  war   is unlikely because  we have soldiers to fight for us and a government to also protect us.

Have You Seen The News About The Border, is U.S. Falling Like Rome

Omari and Austin

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Americas size and the problems that is is causing

America’s size and the problems that are happening because of this are causing plenty of problems in the U.S. today. Rome’s size made it hard to see problems developing. This is very similar to what is happening today. As a country we are not unified  because of the problems that the border are causing that we are at a standstill with ourselves. Our border issues have caused problems with  our government and has caused a shutdown that has been longer than any other in U.S. history.  Americans satisfaction with there system of government is at a all time low.  According to a post by The New York times one out of five adults are satisfied with there government. This is happening because the size of out country is becoming to hard to efficiently govern by traditional means. This has caused most Americans to take it out on our president which is caused even more problems with ourselves. All of this because of our size and problems with immigrants which is very similar with what happened to Rome. 

Romes size and how that caused them to end

When Rome was formed everyone in the empire moved to Rome. Because of this Rome did not have enough of food for everyone. There was a very large wage gap that caused the poor and unemployed lived in dirty, noisy, and crowded city centers. There were a lot of problems with different political. There were corrupt leaders and it was very hard to see problems developing. This eventually led to the empire splitting and there being a civil war.

How are these problems similar

The United States and Rome have plenty of similarities that make Romes history very important for us to understand and learn from. Rome struggled with immigrants and people moving into there empire. This caused a lot of political problems and this is very similar to what is happening today. The United States problems with immigrants and border issues has also caused a lot of political issues with our government and even causing it to be shutdown. Another problem that Ancient  Rome had was being able to provide food for all of these people food. The United States also has a lot of people that do not have a job and do not get food. Both Rome and The United states have a lot of issues that caused Rome to eventually split in to two. Are we heading to a similar fate as Ancient Rome.


Are Rich Americans getting Lazier with more Problems??

Joi Wilson and Grace Monroy

Are rich Americans getting lazier with more problems?

Whenever there is a Pollution or Government problem, people with less money tend to try to fix it. Some rich people will help, but we’re not seeing that much participation from them.  


People that don’t make as much money and are on the lower side of the spectrum care more about the news and problems because it might affect their work or other things in their lives. Money tends to make people feel as if they don’t need to focus on other things.


This is also showing a resemblance of when Rome was falling apart and the rich shared no concerns toward it and care about themselves. Now some of America’s wealthy people are reenacting this issue.  


If you were watching YouTube, some people discuss on how money can be corrupting to the mind. I looked at more videos and websites, I realized that this could lead toward peoples compassion getting killed by money. Are Rich Americans getting lazier with more Problems?



Is money killing compassion in others?  


This was tested by multiple scientists that people who are known to be wealthy don’t have to likeness to care what is happening around them.  

It’s found that most wealthy Americans don’t care much about other people’s health and wellbeing. Some wealthy Americans even won’t risk buying candy for a child. It’s proven that when rich Americans are in front of a tv and watch a commercial about kids with cancer that react less than people in poverty.     

Are rich people being less included in this society


It’s found that according to the Association for Psychological Science that higher class citizens (rich Americans) don’t care much about their surroundings. For one of the proven facts, it’s found that rich people and actually ruder towards people with more poverty.

For their first experiment, they gave wealthy and less wealthy people Google glasses with eye tracking on them. As the experiment was going on, they notice that the less wealthy people more likely looking at people on Instagram. While, wealthy people look more at dwell “things”.  


Are the rich destroying the economy?


People have been recognizing that wealthy people have lower tax rates than less wealthy people. This causes poor people to struggle to make money, which causes the richer Americans to Feel superior and as if their more important. Also, richer Americans control half of all the Wealth. When it comes to taxes, the rich aren’t investing some of their resources. Some have said whenever they receive money, it will either be spent on vehicles and accessories. The rich should be paying the most taxes since they make the most but the poorer side of the spectrum seem to be paying more taxes? The rich seem to be thriving and doing better than ever. For the poorer people I’m not sure I can totally say that same but it isn’t the worst it would ever be. The poor people in the end would be affected the most by anything that damages their jobs and that’s why the Rich Americans don’t keep track of the news very well. Giving rich more money is not doing any good for the economy because not that money rich people are investing in money. It’s more like depositing it. The rich just end up hoarding all the money, and when they find was to make more they just hire as few people as possible.


Rich people don’t need anything else so only think about themselves and not government issues.

Richer Americans tend to not think about government issues because their too busy focusing on their money and power. Wealthier Americans also tend to not rely on others, making them not pay attention to other citizens. Some wealthier Americans no longer watch the news because they’re too busy looking at their popularity status or how much money they have to stay at the top. Researchers said that the more powerful people will only nod or laugh while in a conversation about Political or Economic issues. Another test was two people having a conversation about the death of a loved one or troubles, and they were lower class. The conversation between higher class showed less concern and hardship.

The Usa could end during the election

The United States could end on any election. The next one in a few years, the one after that, it could end at anytime. The things that could happen within the year of the election process could start a civil war between anything. It could be a simple argument and that argument could end up with Americans fighting each other.

By Aidan Walker and Jason Monico

With the way people are getting more savage with their actions when it comes to political topics. I believe that during the Trump vs Hillary election there were fights between the supporters of the two parties. If there we fights between the election just imagine the fights in the upcoming elections, maybe some people could get killed in the process just to get their opinion somehow through. With one person being killed over a political opinion could reach national news and spread controversy throughout america.

Again I feel like people want to express their opinion and think they are in the right then when people disagree they get offended. I feel like this could start during the election where the candidates could be faced with harassment from the other candidates supporters. This could be verbal harassment and even physical if it gets too crazy during the election. The candidates from last election was faced by people showing harassment and making a joke out of them.

To win in elections basically the most important thing to have is money. The more money the more of a chance you can elected which is sad but true. The charts I’ve seen proves that the more people that have money and run for president are more likely to win then others with lesser. 90% of the candidates that spend the most money win.

Looked at this way, a campaign is like a dinner party, and fundraising is the plates and silverware. You may work hard. You may get a lot of other things right. But if everyone is eating four-star lasagna off the table with their hands, the party will still be a failure and remembered more for what it didn’t have than what it did.” In the end it doesn’t matter the more you spend on others the better you look it doesn’t matter if your morals were in good intentions, i’m not saying that the more money that you spend will give you good morals but spending a lot of money for the election gives you a better chance to become president.


Violence levels could raise during the elections, the american election  I feel like would be a time where terrorists could become a big deal. This ties with Rome where leaders are getting killed and assassinated for the leaders decisions. The same thing could happen nowadays where leaders of america could be a target for a group of terrorists. Terrorist doesn’t have to come from a foreign country it could come from america. Having a leader killed could end up in a big war between two countries or it could end up in a civil war.


A Path Towards A Civil War

Heading Towards A Civil War.

by Aldan W and Jackson K

For a nation that has been around for 242 years should would begin to worry about the downfall of america?

This idea has become for apparent in recent years due to the huge disagreements in different ideas about politics and the economic structure and so on.

If huge disagreements like this i wouldn’t be surprised if  our downfall is due to civil war just like how the civil war the Romans had lead to their downfall.

For America the problems that could lead us to another civil war are the opposition of opinions, economic structure, taxes, and wealth

The Opposition Of Opinions

The Opposition of opinion is the difference in ideas, politics, and other ideas.

In America there are many different ideas and opinions about the politics and how our country should be run.

People used to share these opinions and were accepting of others but in more recent time people are no longer really sharing their political opinions because people are now and days will argue saying your wrong and your opinions should not exist.

In more recent times the split between political opinions has grown, and as the this split has grown there has been a growth in the tension between these opinions.

This tension between political opinions has caused people to riot against people who believe in a different idea just because they don’t believe in their own opinions.

As of right now there is a growing tension due to the opposition of opinions which could eventually lead a path which could be the end of our nation.


Economic Structure

When it comes to our economic structure there are a lot of opinions and disagreements about what our economic structure should be.

Our Economic Structure is a huge argument among people in our country because  lot of people believe that we should be running our economic system.

A lot of people believe that our Capitalist system is corrupted and flawed in every way and they believe that we should switch to socialism.

In more recent year arguments about our economic structure being capitalist or socialist have become more frequent.

But the big problem about these arguments is more people are blindly following people who believe that we should switch to socialism even thought these people don’t know what socialism is.

For those who don’t know socialism is where the ways of making a living are owned by the people not by the corporations.

For those who don’t know by switching to a socialist structure would most likely be the end of our nation because socialism tends to end up causing a country to go into poverty.

Socialism would probably lead us to a civil war if it was put into place because if our nation followed the trend we most likely end up in poverty, which would cause a major split in the wealthy and poor people of our nation to the point where it starts a civil war, just like it did in Rome.


Taxes are a big cause of debate in our nation because many people believe that taxes should be lowered and others believe that taxes are absolutely need to fund things in the government.

The sad thing about taxes is that neither side on the debate can come to terms with each other.

Since neither side can come to terms with each other it has caused a problem were both sides of the debate can never agree.

For example republicans believe that we should lower tax rates because it protects business and people and that the democrats idea of the taxes is a wasteful system.

The Democrats believe that the taxes are useful to the government in trying fund projects and other things ,but they believe the republicans idea is funneling money to the wealthy.

With neither side of the debate not being able to come to terms with each other on taxes it just a another issue that could be fueling a potential civil war in america overall all of these could lead to a civil war or be causes of a civil war. With growing tension between political parties and classes could lead us to a civil war, if problems are not fixed.



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Is America Leading to Another Civil War?: Rome’s Political Problems

Is America leading towards a civil War?: Rome’s political problems

In class we learned about the problems that lead to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.


We thought that some of the issues that were discussed could be applied to the government today. Issues such as the civil wars that were broken out between political groups in Rome.

Rome’s Political Problems

Rome had many political and social problems


  1. They had corrupt and greedy government officials who had destroyed people’s sense of citizenship
  2. Many Romans were uneducated due to the raise in education prices
  3. People were less informed and interested about civic matters
  4. Rome was too big to govern


There were 20 leaders within a 75 year period that governed Rome.  Many of them were assassinated.


The leadership was very unsustainable and the people began to lose their trust in their  government.

America’s Political Disagreement

With the all the media out today it’s hard to ignore the constant rivalry between the political parties in our country.   It seems that Republicans and Democrats are always at each other’s throats.


Outbreaks between citizens in different political groups aren’t uncommon these days.   The violence continues to get worse and worse as time goes on.


People today are very opinionated and tend to lash out at others based on their political views.


Much like the people of Rome who broke out into Civil wars due to their political views, which lead to their decline. Could America be next?……….

America’s Second Civil War??

It’s common knowledge that America fought a civil war over differing views.  We still disagree today on why we fought that war. Whether it was over the ethics of slavery or the economics of slavery.


We’ve gone into a war over two parties disagreeing, who says it can’t happen again.  


Everyone knows that republicans and democrats disagree over many of topics.  Everything from healthcare and abortion to immigration and safety.


Their views are so opposite from each other it’s not surprising republicans and democrats argue on who’s right.  They can’t seem to find a middle ground on what they believe.


Both parties think that their views are the correct ones and can’t seem to come up with a compromise.


Their inability to come up with compromises scares me a little.  They couldn’t come up with a compromise for slavery. So instead they divided the country and went into war.  Could the disagreements about border security send us into our next civil war?

America’s Biggest dispute

In recent news, disagreements between the two groups and the president have lead to a government shutdown.


This has known to be the longest shutdown of the government in US history. Lasting for a total of 35 days.


The shutdown was caused after disagreements between government officials and the president regarding the border wall.


The president and the republican party wants a border wall that totals up to almost 6 billion dollars in government funds.  While the democratic party believes the money proposed for the border wall could be used in more strategic way.


The president was willing to close the government if he didn’t get the funds that  he had needed for the border wall. Due to the shutdown many federal workers did not receive their paychecks.  

Our Take

We don’t think that America will fall like the downfall of Rome.


Unlike the people of Rome, most Americans are educated and well informed on the political and social issues in our government today and are interested in civic matters.


Now that technology is so common everyone has a way of keeping up with political matters.  There are hundreds of websites available where you could inform yourself about what is happening in our country.  


With the amount of material available to read about political and social issues its very easy to stay well informed.

By: Ryleigh Baltimore & Mara Leary

Rome’s Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s


Rome’s Slaves Are Like Americans Machine’s

Increase in  slavery put many Romans out of work.  In America new machines put workers out of work.

Over 2,000 years ago Rome’s people were losing jobs do to the increase in slavery. While we don’t have slavery today in America, we do  have something that relates to it. That is Artificial Intelligence machinery.

Slaves in Rome often had to cut grass and do other  forms of gardening. In America you can pay lawn care businesses  to do it for you but many of those businesses shut down when the lawn  mower hit the sales in 1930. Many people started using lawn mowers instead of paying for the lawn care business because they saved money.  In that case most lawn care businesses didn’t make enough money to keep running so they had to shut down.

Slaves were  human people so they need food and  water to survive. Machines need batteries or some kind of  recharge system to keep them able function.

Both do difficult tasks so the “normal” people don’t have to. A  slave has to lift heavy things by hand. A bulldozer lifts heavy things with a giant bucket.

Both need  to be trained  in order to properly do their assigned task. A slave be tough, strong, and fit if  they’re working in the fields. If they’re working in the house they need to be neat and patient. Usually this is taught by other slaves or self taught. A machine  needs to be built properly and programmed. For example A machine that stirs the mix in a juice at a fruit punch factory, that machine has a software in it that tells what to do. Someone in the factory programs it.

Jason and Alfie

Is America’s army the new power house like rome?

 By: Kiran Ahmed, Wilson Ritterpusch, Veronica Swartz



bad generals were a common thing in Rome.

We may be going through the same thing in America.  You see, is in good time right now but it might be going through a decline soon.  

Rome started out the same way as America is right now.  They had a great army and conquered many places.

When they started hiring bad generals?

the army started to lack in skills they needed to survive. Meanwhile, us American’s, are at a place like the Romans were when their army was great. I’m just worried that we will eventually be at a decline.



Since Rome was one of the main world powers back 27 B.C.E. That means they probably spent a lot of money on their army, and the US today has spent over 3 billion dollars on the department of defense alone. This means that we have a lot of debt money.

But the US department of defense is more than just the army its all areas of defense it pay the police, navy, army, air force, national security agency, defense intelligence agency, missile defense agency, etc. so that’s kind of the table of being like Rome because they only spent money on their army.

Which Means?

Since the army was only rich people for a short amount of time they had a very small but strong army. But the US army is very big and we are one of the most powerful armies in the world right now.



As Rome was under attack from outside forces, it was also suffering from a severe financial crisis.

How did this happen?

Constant wars and overspending significantly lightened oppressive taxation and inflation caused a big gap between the rich and the poor. In hope of avoiding the taxman, many wealthy people had fled to the countryside.

Rome’s economy had depended on slaves for its fields and work. When the expansion was put to a stop in the second century Rome’s slaves and war treasures went downhill.



Power was a big problem for Rome in earlier times.  


Rome’s military was always intertwined with the political system.  In a Roman kingdom, the social standing of a person impacted the person’s job and military role.  

So, it was easy for some people to want more in their life. But here is the thing if they only let wealthy people in the army for a while how were they so powerful. But the US lets everybody in their army.


So do we think that Rome is becoming the new Rome?

No, because we have a lot less self-obsessed people in the army and the people in the Roman empire are self-centered and people in the American army are doing their job for us so we can be safe. Also, we spend a lot of money on are dod (department of defense) but Rome spent a lot of money on each soldier alone then they don’t have any money for the blacksmiths who make their weapons.


Is America just a New Rome?

This is how america’s tax problem could affect your Future…

By Evan Baker and Parker Osoba

Modern day America has a major tax crisis. Taxes are extremely uneven between the rich and the poor and people are getting upset. One example of how inflation is affecting you is the drastic price increase on something as small as a movie ticket. The average price of a movie ticket in 2019  averages eight to ten dollars for kids, and 10 to 12 dollars per adult whereas in 2000, cost half as much, valued at $5.66.

How taxes are costing you more than money

Although many of us think we pay a lot of taxes, we should glad that we aren’t paying $150,000 in taxes per year like the people in america’s top 1%. Or if you are one of the people unlucky enough to be in america’s top 20% and pay 87% income tax, then there are a few ways to make that lost money back from what some might consider to be a greedy government.


Three ways to gain your tax money back

1.invest your money in tax deductible activities when possible.

2.Learn how to file taxes correctly or use services such as turbo tax.

3.Save money by taking classes and learn how you can get paid for filing taxes correctly on your own.

America’s ever-growing inflation rate has skyrocketed over the last 20 years even on everyday luxuries like a candy bar. Did you know that on average, you can save about 30% of your annual income just by skipping out on the convenience  store trips and unnecessary items from the grocery store like that box of cheese-its or that case of Gatorade. America’s inflation rate problem is similar to the inflation rate problem that led to the downfall of Greece in the way that every year, the cost of items continue to grow in order to keep up with the ever-growing global economy that is slowly requiring the consumption of more and more money, until the price of resources is too high for even the richest Americans to afford.

Not to mention the major debt crisis that America already faces. America is about 22 trillion dollars in debt and counting, so if something like a third world war were to occur, then  our economy would take a massive hit and would be unable to help fund allies.

Then the economy would start to go under and look like a modern day Rome(for comparison). America already has the largest debt out of all of the countries in the world. Yet, we believe we are able to fund our rapidly expanding economy just to keep up with the other countries, which will cause our country to become bankrupt, and end up as a modern day(maybe even worse) version of Rome.

America has slowed down the expansion of ideas just like Rome had. Rome built itself to  be a huge empire with many feats just like America had. But Rome stopped being innovative. Once they achieved aqueducts, arches, and  domes  they stopped.

America has given freedom to the people, right to bear arms, and completed many architectural feats  like the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Jefferson Memorial.

Our country flourishes in innovation and now just like Rome we’ve stopped. This stand still could weaken our country while other countries like China and Korea are currently thriving with new ideas and modernizing their cities.

America has many things happening to it similar to that of Rome. It doesn’t necessarily mean America is going to fall but it is a possibility.

America’s Step to Disaster

America’s Step to Disaster

Ayaan K, Ayaan A

America and Rome have been looking similar lately when it comes to poverty and poor government management.  Most of the time when I get on to my phone there something wrong going on.


Rome was not going down the right path after a certain point of no self-management which lead to many crucial factors. America right now is starting to go down that path and nobody has done anything about it.


Rome’s self-management had become to such an extent in which it caused their own civil war. I’m not saying that will happen again in America, but there has been many horrific events occurring recently.


Horrific events including school shootings, sex trafficking, and diseases have been a serious problem in Rome and America.


Horrific events copied and pasted…

School shootings have been occurring a lot recently. In 2018 alone, there was a total of 24 school shootings that included 114 people killed or injured. The most dreadful school shooting that had happened in the last year was in Florida. These shootings go back to Rome as if the Barbarians invaded them multiple times in a period of time.


Women yesterday and today


Sex trafficking has been a serious issue for many years now in America. Women discrimination can be lead back to Rome. Women back in Rome were treated like slaves with no rights. Women back then were mainly used to birth children and to make good warriors. Nowadays, predators use women as they were treated back in Rome.


Diseases never changed


Diseases are a significant part of our society. Although, we have found some helping factors towards diseases but not cures. Specifically chemotherapy has helped people with cancer. Except, citizens in Rome did not have the technology we have today in order to prevent further harm of diseases.


Grinding Poverty


The poverty rate has climbed vastly since 1970. The poverty rate has gone up about four percent since 2018. It’s very sad to hear about 43 million people live in poverty. Now 13.5 percent of American adults and kids live in poverty.


Food silence


Starvation is a colossal issue that America deals with. Americans should always try to donate whatever they can to the less fortunate.  Charities have helped many people who live in poverty, but it’s not enough to help all in need. Many citizens who lived in Rome were not categorized as people who live in poverty if they did not have water or food. Nowadays, we have become smarter people in order to know we need food and water to survive.


Our money is being wasted


Next, it was hard to grow crops back in Rome during certain climates. It’s also hard to grow crops in America during winter because of the cold climate. On the contrary, America has a much bigger economy in marketing and trade. In the Roman times, not many people could afford to buy from small markets. Also, not all people had enough items to put up for trade. This also decreases a person’s income if they are the farmer growing crops. Many Romans depended on crops to survive, but once the natural disasters occur, it’s over.

Come to a conclusion…

Rome and America are very similar in their ways. The both countries deal with people who are impoverished, doleful government issues, disease and agricultural issues. At times, the countries deal with intricate problems. Although, the both countries are incessant on making their countries better for their society.