Fall of Rome

The Roman Empire Was Just Too Big

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Rome spread quickly and that caused Rome to be too hard to govern 

United states  

In the united states of America there is over 7 billion people it can be just as hard as roman to govern the united states of America  

The other part of Rome that makes it too hard to govern is that there is only one king to watch over everything 


The King also had to watch over all the soldiers to make sure they wouldn’t cause any trouble they also had to make sure no one was invading them and that they must care for all these citizens makes it even harder for their Job. 

In the United states of America there are so many factories to feed people and the fact that the president and government must make sure they know when attack is coming and where it would take place, so it is just as hard to Watch over everything as it is to Rome. 

The Government of Rome was Very busy because there where different leaders of Rome that had different opinions on Rome and that also made the Roman Empire very hard to Govern all the time. 

In the united states it is a very similar story the President and the branches of Government have different opinions as well so that makes the United States of America hard to Govern just as much as Rome.  

Rome also had multiple Invasion’s, so it is very hard to watch over all of Rome so that made it hard for Rome to Govern all that land in a certain amount of time That also is a reason Rome was too hard to Govern. 

The United States was also very hard to Govern Everyone must keep their eye out to make sure they know if an attack is coming soon So it was hard to govern the united states just as much as Rome.  

Rome was too hard to govern because everyone in Rome could Protest against the Rome’s government this was another reason why Rome was hard to govern. 

The United states can have a pretty similar situation they also have to deal with the people Protest against the government especially the President of the United states of, America So the United states can have pretty similar situation. 

It was too hard to govern and not everyone was loyal to Rome and different people made their own group so not everyone was loyal to Rome. 

The United states have a similar issue they must deal with people that betray them and make their own group and they attack innocent people and kill soldiers and that created many problems with the United States, so Rome and The United States of America had similar situation. 

The population of Rome was so big too govern so it caused many problems with Rome and that caused Rome to slowly fall because it was so hard to govern all those people. 

The United States of America had a similar Situation there was over 7.6 billion people in the United States, so it was hard for the Government and everyone else to watch over the United States of America. 

Rome also had to deal with their own people fighting each other so they had many issues with people fighting their own kind. 

The United States of America also had a similar problem they must deal with people fighting their own kind and had to deal with a lot of fights and it puts a lot of innocent people in danger, so Rome and the United States of America had to deal with similar situation. 

Rome had to deal with many enemies, so they had to always guard Rome, so it was hard for Rome to govern all their land. 

The United States of America had to deal with the same thing they must deal with a lot of enemies to, so they always must be on the lookout for enemies at most of the time, so Rome and the United States of America are similar when it comes to Enemies. 

Rome also didn’t have very great kings for a while, so Rome had to deal with a lot of issues like invasion, infatuation, and Civil wars. 

The United States of America had a pretty similar issues there where some presidents that don’t do much for the government so that lead to some downfalls of the United States so Rome and The United States of America and a pretty similar situation. 






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