July 10

Celebrating a Goal Achieved!

In March, I was knee deep in the slice of life challenge, when I saw a post on Instagram about #the100dayproject. It was shared by a favorite author of mine, Elle Luna. 

Created by Elle Luna

I was teaching two different classes, writing blog posts every day, reading and commenting on student blog posts too, and something inside of me nudged me to take on this project. 

Created by Elle Luna

Now, I had to decide what I should do…I wish I’d documented my thought process somewhere, but for some reason, I thought of writing a poem a day using my pink typewriter. You can read about my first day here. 

I started the challenge on April 1st. I completed the challenge and shared my 100th poem yesterday. What did I learn? 

  • Doing something for 100 days truly built a habit. 
  • Showing up on days I didn’t feel like it, was hard.
  • Sharing on days when I knew my poem was bad, humbled me.
  • I enjoyed the quiet every day when I wrote.
  • I love tap of my typewriter.
  • I found confidence every day I showed up to the page.
  • Many people enjoyed my poems. 

I’d do it again…in a minute. The process was powerful. I learned a lot. I’m grateful that I was able to complete this. On to another challenge…

Created by Elle Luna


March 27

Things I Don’t Like

I don’t like traffic.
I don’t like rudeness.
I don’t like cheating.
I don’t like lies.
I don’t like mean.
I don’t like burnt popcorn.
I don’t like making silly mistakes.
I don’t like when someone I love is sad.
I don’t like feeling invisible.
I don’t like crowds.
I don’t like cinnamon.
I don’t like when the seam on my sock is turned around.
I don’t like constant negativity.
I don’t like fruit with dessert (except for strawberries).
I don’t like feeling sad…

This is certainly a different kind of post for me. It was inspired by a sixth-grade writer. Her post is here. I like the line I ended on because it reminded me of this quote I saw posted by the brilliant author, Martha Beck. The raw material for joy is sorrow…WOW!

March 2

Who Am I?

I rediscovered the bio poem over yesterday and decided to share my own version today. Here goes…

Auntie, teacher, writer, friend
Grateful, sassy, and positive
Wishes to change the world with love and laughter.
Dreams of living on the shores of the Outer Banks.
Wants to create a community of passionate middle school writers.
Who wonders what surprises the future holds.
Who is afraid of bats and birds and things that fly.
Who believes that writing untangles life, and silence is where we can truly hear, and laughter is good for the soul.
Who loves being an auntie and Godmother to Jack, Jillian, and Josie.
Who plans to write a book and show gratitude every single day.