October 2


Questions. I have questions bouncing around my head. Questions mean wonder and curiosity. Questions are good.

I don’t have answers, so instead, I’m going to pose my questions…

How can I make it better?
What is my role as a teacher?
Classroom organization?
What’s the best way to work with other teachers?
How do I connect with students?
What do grades really mean?
How do I get better and meet their needs? How can school look different?
Why do I do what I’m doing in the classroom?
How do I balance technology and analog learning?
Are tests necessary? Why? What is their purpose? How do they make us better learners?
How can students demonstrate their learning in a meaningful way?
How do I help them grow and learn?
How can I find a way to better organize their notebooks?
What books will help them fall in love with reading?
What will make a difference to my students?

I’m not looking for answers. (And most of my questions focus on me since that’s what I can change. I can change. I can get better and learn.) My hope is that if I just keep asking questions, I’ll learn something along the way.

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