September 18

Here I Am


I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been thinking for the past couple of days about this post…but I can’t think of anything to write. Frozen in my failure, I want to quit, but I push through and show up here…even though it seems pointless. Who wants to read a blog post about nothing? 

I begin to panic a bit…Have I “lost it”? My passion for blogging? My ability to blog? Why can’t I think of something clever? What do I have to say that anyone will want to read? (By the way, I’d have all of these answers if it was you asking the questions!) Should I quit? Give up? Accept defeat?


Instead, I show up. 

Instead, I remember the words I said yesterday to my seventh-graders, 

“Show up. It gets easier.”

Instead, I write and show grace to myself.

Instead, I remember that blogging is a muscle that I haven’t stretched in a while and I need to warm up, I need to take some deep breaths.

Here I am. Showing up to the page. I’m not entirely happy with what’s here, but it’s here. It’s about showing grit in moments of weakness. I’m here. I’m writing my story. Next time, it will be better…more interesting, maybe even funny…until then, I’m here. 

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