April 3

Let’s Write Poetry!

Today begins a new challenge. It’s poetry month, so I’m writing 30 poems in 30 days. I wasn’t sure about starting a new project as soon as I completed the slice of life challenge, but I’m jumping in. What do I have to lose?
The slice of life challenge this year was challenging. It felt different. I can’t figure out why. I read tons of end of challenge reflections and I’m not the only one who felt different. Dare I say, it felt easier this year? I felt like my heart wasn’t in it on lots of days…like I was doing it to do it. As I look back and reflect, I’m not sure why, but I’ve decided it doesn’t really matter. I wrote every day for 31 days. I have lots of sixth-graders that completed the challenge and even more that came close. The writing always nudges me to grow and doing it with students is an inspiration.
Which leads me to this new challenge…I am going to write a poem using my typewriter for the next 30 days. (Follow me on Instagram to see the challenge.)
Can I do it? Yes.
Will I do it? I hope so.
My pink typewriter brings me a child-like joy
Clacking on the keys
Feels like I’m really making something
The finished products
look beautiful
and messy…
truly poetry.

Here’s to another challenge…will you join me?!?!

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