March 9

I’m Grateful Today

I’m grateful. Today I’m grateful. For what? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Grateful for (in no particular order)…

1. achieving goals I’ve set for myself

2. friends who love & support me

3. writing, writing, writing

4. being an auntie & a Godmother

5. my family

6. memories of those who are no longer here

7. laughter

8. creativity

9. my voice

10. strong, resilient, brilliant students

11. a school community where I feel valued

12. being a teacher

13. books

14. twinkle lights

15. pens

16. notebooks

17. learning new things

18. grace

19. Bella, my sweet dog

20. mail

21. Oreos

22. the lunch gang

And so much more. Sometimes, in the middle of a busy, messy, stressed life it’s important to reflect and be grateful. I’m grateful for this blog and all of my readers. 

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