March 3

Early Mornings

It’s early on a Saturday morning. Quiet surrounds me. Darkness too, except for the glare of my laptop screen. Beginning a day with quiet and dark is perfect. There’s peace in the moment. Solitude gives me permission to relax. I can be me…no one else to please, nothing to check off on a to-do list, no demands being made.

I never understood the snooze button. (I mean no judgment to those who successfully navigate the snooze button!) An alarm is a necessity…yes, but what purpose does the snooze button serve? If I want to sleep for ten more minutes, I’ll set my alarm for ten minutes later. The snooze button is something I never use. It seems like that’s admitting that I’m dreading this new day and that doesn’t seem like the best way to begin. I prefer to begin with hope for a better day. 

I think that’s why I love the morning time. It signifies hope and a new beginning. It’s fresh and new with no mistakes. Tranquil and serene. There’s also an expected routine in the morning. Brush your teeth. Walk the dog. Cheerios and milk. Peppermint coffee in my favorite mug. Writing in my notebook by a flickering candle.  

As this Saturday dawns before me, I go about my routine (with the addition of writing a blog post) basking in the quiet and finding comfort in my routine. I’ll watch the sunrise as I walk my dog, enjoy the taste of my coffee, and capture my thoughts on the pages of my notebook. It’s how I like to begin my day.

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