Reflecting on the Page Spread

The page spread began as a rather daunting assignment as I was unsure as to what I needed to do and how I should do it, partially because my skills with art are not very good. Mostly, I had little understanding of my own writing theory, so putting it into words while also connecting it […]

High School Object

    Upon being asked to bring in a high school artifact to write about, I wondered if I had anything worthy of symbolizing my high school experience. Others had photos or objects that reminded them of a significant moment or accomplishment, so I decided to search for something similar. However, when I was searching […]

Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie

As I read this essay, it felt especially captivating because of how it relates to the ongoing issues this particular generation has with schoolwork and mental health. The essay’s description of a “cult of perfection” is especially accurate because many students are incredibly focused on getting enough grades and extracurriculars to look good on a […]

Organic Object

     The fig is a small fruit that is dried out like a date or a raisin. It is usually the sweeter fruits like these that are popular dried, most likely because of the fruit’s natural juice getting in the way of the sugary flavor people enjoy.  The fig appears to be slightly old […]

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