I Think I Just Fell in Love

After quitting dance when I was three I kept dancing all around the house. My mom kept encouraging me to go to a dance class but I refused. I guess I was mainly nervous to go but my mom convinced me so I tried taking a class. Finally I am not sure how, but she found a studio for me to start dancing at and enrolled me in a tap and jazz class. Neither my mom or I knew what those styles of dance even were. After taking my first class I really liked it and started practicing the moves at home. I loved dance after that and for the next three years I continued to take a class once a week. At the age of nine though, I noticed everything became so easy and I was not getting challenged in just a recreational class anymore. That is also when I realized how happy it makes me. I wanted to progress at dance cause I thought I finally found the right activity for me. The year after my family and I decided to enroll me in a program called performing troupe. Performing troupe was where different teams based on ages and levels would perform at different events such as fairs and even retirement homes. This was a big step in my dance career since it went from once a week classes to three days a week and each day was about two hours. Now that was the year where I improved so much that year and that was when I really fell in love with dance. From that point on my dance journey begun I continued another year of performing troupe and then went on to competition team, where I made a high team. I also became the lead roll in the Nutcracker as “Clara” one year. Then a big problem happened at my studio so I choose to leave studios and going to a new studio. The next year when I was a freshman I chose to do cheer instead which was a big mistake but after quitting dance my heart was calling me to go back to dance so I did. I now go to dance everyday and it is truly the thing that makes me the most happiest person in the world. So yes, my whole entire dance story is very long and confusing but the point is that dance has always been there for me and once I found it I fell in love with it.

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