Preventing Crime

I decided to make a google site with the research I gathered from my essay. The new audience that I’m trying to reach is a wide variety of people like: teachers, parents/family,and friends. The google site is about criminal psychology and how it can prevent crimes. Criminal psychology is the study of criminal behavior, which includes studying the thoughts, views, intentions, actions and reactions of criminals. Criminal psychologists can use their expertise to solve crimes, furthermore understanding how criminals think will allow them to understand why they are committing crimes in the first place, and stop it from happening. Another way crime can be prevented is if criminal psychologists educate the public about things like red flags to watch out for in a child’s behavior can prevent them from becoming a criminal in the future. I think a google slide is the most effective way to inform someone because it’s organized into different pages for each topic and it’s direct.  I was influenced to make my google site informative because I think everyone should be educated about the topic. The work that criminal psychologists have done about psychological traits that lead to becoming a criminal can educate the public and can help prevent crimes from happening.

STAR Events Part Two: Nationals

For nationals, instead of using the same exact project from states, Logan and I decided to continue what we called “Logan’s Journey” because of the success and happiness it brought to the both of us. The results after just one month boosted his confidence when he heard he moved to the 80th percentile. After I noticed how his personality changed from before the project to after the first month, I concluded that this wasn’t just wellness for the body, but it was also wellness for the mind. Having someone for support and learning coping skills is so important and often not even thought about. I worked on my project until it was perfect, then I flew down to California for nationals. I was upset that my club advisor wasn’t able to go on the trip, but I was also excited that it would be just me and my mom. Part of why California was such an amazing experience was because of all of the sights I saw and the activities I got to do. The other part of my experience were the STAR events, I surprisingly felt calm after presenting my project to the judges, I presented the same way as states and everything went just as planned. The next morning at the award assembly, I waited anxiously until I heard them announce my category and then they said “Bronze medalist, Hailey Crandall!” It was the most rewarding feeling, not just because I won a medal at nationals but also because I was able to help my brother and now he’s proud to share that today his BMI is in the 60th percentile. I never thought that a school project could have such a great impact on the both of us!

STAR Events Part One: States

It all started when I wanted to get more involved in a club, it was in my culinary arts class when my teacher suggested that I should compete in the FCCLA competitions. I did some research became intrigued by the different “STAR” events that they offered, then I proposed the idea of me competing to my parents and they were on board. The next day I went to my club sponsor to ask to sign up to compete in the event “pastry decorating”, I soon started brainstorming a bunch of different ideas for the event. A couple days later I was informed that the STAR event I planned on competing in wasn’t available this year. This meant that I would have to choose a different event since I had already signed up, so I chose to compete in “nutrition and wellness”. The project for my event was to track and record a family members nutrition and wellness for a month. Today, child obesity is a current and growing issue that should be taken into action. My presentation was about my youngest brother. Logan was in fourth grade and started off with a BMI in the 90th percentile. It was heartbreaking to see that he was self-conscious about his weight from kids teasing him, so he agreed to let me help him with his daily nutrition and wellness habits for a month. A month later it was time for me to present my project at states, this was my first ever competing for a school event. The process of presenting was simple: you have ten minutes to set up, ten minutes to present your project, then you give them ten minutes to discuss, after that they give feedback, and finally pack up. I had no idea what to expect at awards because I have never been to a competition nor seen what other presentations looked like. Never in a million years did I think that I would end up placing first in the state, offered an $8,000 scholarship, and invited to compete at nationals in California. States was truly an unforgettable weekend.

What is the meaning of a good life?

What is the meaning of a good life? No one wants to live a bad life, but what is classified as a good life? To one person a good life could be owning three extravagant  mansions, and to another person it could be that they’re able to provide food on the dinner table. The word “good” means to be desired or approved of, so is a good life a life of searching for acceptance? When a person says they’re “living the good life”, they mean that they are satisfied and fulfilled with their life. A person will classify if their life is good or not based on how satisfied they are in their point of life, but what if we looked at it from a different view. Maybe a good life simply means that there is happiness in your life and you aren’t suffering. A good life could also be the fact that you’re better off than someone else in this world, think about how that person would do anything to be your shoes. I truly believe that the key to a good life is happiness. My definition of a good life is a life with family, friends, and happiness. It may be just three things, but it’s all that’s needed to live a good life. If people had a more simple definition of what a good life is to them, they would feel more fulfilled because they wouldn’t feel the need to satisfy their expectations to live a “good life”.

High School Artifact


The high school artifact that I brought to school was a picture of me cheering at one of our football games. The varsity football games are the best nights of high school. I have been a varsity cheerleader for all four years of high school. The picture was taken by my pridetime teacher, who also is a school sports photographer. The picture shows me cheering at the Chaos Crew with the stadium lights hitting my face. When I look at my high school artifact, I can imagine the crowd roaring, the band playing, the cow bells ringing, and whistles blowing under the Friday night lights. Our job as cheerleaders is to get the crowd excited and to give our football team the encouragement they need to win the game. The picture reminds me that us cheerleaders are what brings life and energy to the games because it isn’t a real football game without cheerleaders on the sideline, and the picture also brings back memories from the best nights of high school.

Organic Object

A pickle starts as a cucumber, which is known to be light and fresh. Then it goes into its’ process and comes out to be this bold flavored food. I wrote about how the pickle might feel, which made me think about how sometimes people are made into something they don’t want to be. I also wrote about how somethings take time to become the best version of itself. As I wrote the pickle, I noticed that these writings bring out the inner introvert in me. In every writing, I find a way to not make it about me. I also noticed that I use counter arguments to keep a flow going and that I write to the pickle as if it’s a letter.

Dear Pickle, 

It’s our first day together but if definitely won’t be your last! You really have come a long way haven’t you? You were picked from your home, then squeezed into a jar with lots of flavors and spices to be pickled for months. Almost sounds like torture. But hey! You taste way better than what you use to! Do you like the new you? Did you like the other pickles in the jar? See you next time!

Dear Pickle,

I feel kind of bad that you sat in my bag all day. I regret it because now my backpack smells like pickles. You have a very strong smell, but my bag is fine now after a little bit of febreeze. 

Dear Pickle,

It’s sad to say that I have moved on. My backpack was not happy that it smelled like garlic and vinegar. It was also time to put and end to your misery because you were squished pretty bad. I will say that I brought a replacement. Today I brought a sliced, pink lady apple she is sweet but also tangy, but the only bad thing is that she ages fast. RIP Pickle.

I chose to use a pickle because they’re one of my favorite snacks and I also thought an object that I know well would allow me to connect with it more in the writings.  I also thought a pickle would last longer than a fresh object since they’re fermented and have vinegar as a preservative.

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