Arising Issues in Aerospace

I chose to email my updated audience project with Mr. Baldwin, who is currently a rocket scientist. He was my first option because he has been in this industry for quite some time, and I believe him and his colleagues have come up with a large amount of issues they have faced while working for their company. This site could be used in order to persuade an employer or manager to make this workplace a more enjoyable experience, and can inform newer employees of the potential issues they will face if they were to work here.

When deciding which method to use to get my point across, I preferred to use a Google Site because it is a more tangible and practical form of evidence supporting my cause. Other than not having to record myself, I thought this was the better alternative because the representative I contacted may not know how to operate a Prezi or a Pecha Kucha, and would be more accessible to anyone Mr. Baldwin might contact.

As compared to the original research essay, I completely changed it. I used the same information, but reworded it a lot. I did this so I would not sound redundant to myself, and so I would have more information to work with. I also molded the writing to stay more on topic with some of the added pictures and subtopics to make it flow better.


Recently, we have had a bit of a drought. Of course of all days it rains on, Halloween was the pinpointed target. I didn’t go trick or treating since I was at work, so I did not get absolutely drenched. The rain ended up helping me at work: we closed 30 minutes early and the afternoon rush of hungry trick or treaters didn’t appear. Although the rain ruined a lot of others’ nights, it made mine better because I came home 30 minutes earlier and started my homework. To be honest, I was hoping that a tornado would brew because it would be a new site to see. Personally, I love the rain, especially when I am going to bed. I love the constant pitter patter of rain on my roof and windows that lulls me to sleep. Even when I’m not tired, I’ll always go to sleep when it’s raining because if I don’t, it’s a missed opportunity. It’s like a noise machine, but free! I wish it would rain every night to knock me out after a long day. The only thing that’s better than rain are thunderstorms, specifically when the power goes out. When the only light in your house is the spasmodic flash of lightning, it’s a whole new vibe. Thunder, like bullets being shot at fireworks, is my favorite aspect of thunderstorms. The buildup to an immense bang in the sky is truly intriguing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a noise machine to listen to.

World Series

It’s been a long time since a team I like won or even entered a very important game. I’ve always been a fan of D.C. teams, but it’s too difficult to even say I liked them at one point. The only time I was proud of a D.C. team was when the Capitals won the Stanley Cup. After seeing the slow deterioration of the Redskins over time, I think it is safe to say the Redskins pushed me away from watching their games entirely. On the other hand, when I saw the Nationals’ record in the MLB, I was very shocked that they would be entering the World Series. After the Nationals beat the Astros, who played Gerrit Cole, I was for sure the Nationals had a great chance of winning the winning title, especially when they won the game soon after.

But did we forget who we are? We are from the D.C. area, of course something will happen that makes us blow the lead. Currently, the score of the World Series is 3-2, with the Astros leading. I am really not sure what made the Nationals fall apart. The Nats have one more game to clean up their act to tie up the score, or else they lose the winning title. The future is full of mysteries, and no one knows what is approaching; only time will tell. If the Nats lose, I think it is about time for me to throw a dart at the map and find a new place to move to, and a better team to cheer for because many can agree that most Washington teams can’t hold their own weight.

Outdoor Ed “Kayaking” Trip

Although this most recent trip for outdoor ed was the best field trip of the year, and possibly out of every trip in general, it also has its downsides. The long awaited trip in a kayak seemed to disappear when the bus dropped us off at the river site. Apparently, there were limited kayaks, and it was first come first serve. Kayaks glide in the water more freely, which is what I was hoping what we would get; however, we ended up with big, bulky canoes that seemed to dent with every tap of a rock protruding from the water’s surface. As much as I love kayaking and canoeing, it was sort of a let down when the instructors led us to the canoes because of how heavy and hard they were to row. This trip was still a lot better than sitting in school listening to repetitive lectures.

Since kayaks have a much more sleek design than the canoes, we got caught on almost every sharp crevice possible because of how low the water was. The outside of the canoe made an ear splitting noise when it had a death grip on some rocks, forcing my partner or I to go into the frigid water and give the canoe a clear and safe path out of harm. Everytime a rock slammed into us, the bottom of the canoe would cave in, which made me believe the boat was going to sink. Ultimately, this is why I decided to purposefully jump into the freezing water below.

Revisions in a College Essay

While walking around the classroom and observing posters, I learned the most about how to revise an essay and what to do while revising. Usually when I write papers, I only write one draft and turn it in. I realized how important revisions are because points can get taken off for easy errors that would have never been there if I was just more organized. Revising does not take that long, and it improves writing, so over time there will be less and less errors in writing. Revisions are the the keys to getting better grades: without revisions, our final drafts will be the same as the first draft, in a sense. If an error is found in an essay, it can spark new ideas for the final draft that we could have never thought about.

Going along with revisions, time management is highly important while writing papers. On a lot of occasions, I procrastinate my essays until the night before it is due, not leaving enough time to revise it and write a final draft. I tend to work better under pressure, but I would rather not. My mentality was that if I work slow enough at the last minute, I can check my errors as I go, and not worry about revising. Although this works, it is more beneficial to split up the first draft and revision process so we can form more writing ideas in the meantime. I never really thought that revising a paper could be so vital to getting the better grade; only if I revised my papers more, I would be a lot more proficient in writing.

High School Artifact

My high school artifact, a screwdriver, brings back many memories of past years back to me. I never thought that I would enjoy tech ed classes as much as I truly did. Apparently my liking for tech ed classes grew so much that I took four years of it in high school. Reminiscing on the past tech ed courses I have taken, I realized how much fun they were, and how much knowledge I gained from taking them. From sanding wood to welding metal, the diversity of skills this class contains has a very wide range. Before joining these classes, I never learned how to use a drill, let alone a miter saw. Now I can use these power tools without hesitation because of how much I learned about the proper usage and safety of these machines. The screwdriver I have is all chewed up on the bit due to the amount of screws it stripped by the pressure I applied while putting screws into wood. This reminds me of the total number of times I have messed up in these classes, but there is always room for repair, depending on the incident. Even around my house today, I enjoy repairing or installing appliances because of how much fun I had taking tech ed classes. I hope that one day I am able to use these skills in the future; whether it be for a profession or a leisure activity. Although these years are coming to an end, they will never be forgotten.

Organic Lemon


The lemon is cold like room temperature steel. It feels as if it were an expanded balloon with a hint of pores. Although it has bruises, it isn’t hurting. The ends are stretched out like someone tried  to rip it in half. The brightness hurt my eyes from looking at it for too long, almost like a mini-sun. The stem hole on top looks like a small crater.

As I sit and wonder what to write about a lemon, I am reminded of an old character from Adventure Time. The lemon, still as wrinkly as can be, has decided to toughen up a little bit. As it ages, I can feel the texture and consistency change. As for other fruits, they would be rotting already, but my lemon is keeping it together. Being the physical form of lemonade, it is all sour, no sweet. For the amount of wrinkles it has, it sure is not old. So maybe lemons are just like humans: sour or sweet, wrinkly or tough. Who knows? Maybe lemons have bad intents for humans, which is why they are so sour.

Instead of being cool, it’s now warm. It gets squishier by the day, but stays intact. The green splotches look like patches of lichen growing on rocks. The stem is still like a long nose. Although I can’t taste it, i know what it tastes like: sour. Smells like fresh produce; however, in a few weeks it will be unbearable to handle. It is starting to feel sticky.

A06 & A07 Readings

“Repeating key words, phrases, and story elements creates a rhythm, a pace, a structure, a wavelength that reinforces the central theme of the work” (Clark). As novices in writing, we were always taught that repeating words, sounds or rhythms is monotonous and unnecessary. Gaining experience in writing proves this incorrect because more emphasis is placed on a certain thought or idea, meaning it is an important part of the writing. Repetition is meant to catch the attention of the reader so he or she knows it is an obligatory part of the writing piece. Whether words are repeated consecutively after one another or dispersed throughout the writing, the main job of repetition has achieved its goal: to get the reader to pay more attention to those parts. “He reiterates phrases for impact” (Williams). This quote is proving the theory of the other quote because repeating all of those elements is essential for higher level writing. Although repetition does not seem like a significant part of writing, it is a notable method to use to gain the attention of readers.

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