The Summit

The summit took place like for 10 days, during those 10 days I was introduced to some wonderful people from different places around the world. I got to get to know their culture, their politics, and many more interesting facts about them. During those 10 days I had to volunteer to help, and I was introduced to some amazing people, whom showed their passion for being here. It made me realize that I should appreciate being in a place where there are such liberties given to me, where some of them don’t even have in their countries.


I played with bubbles the other day. I felt like a little kid , my friends getting happy the simplicity of just bubbles. Bubbles that are so simple people were getting really happy over something so simple. It filled me with joy just see the joy others had as well as me, showed me that happiness depends on your friends and yourself as well.


I found my roommate right when the housing application started. I am excited but at the same time I am nervous of who she will turn out to be, if she’ll be my friend or not. Picking a roommate is difficult since you do not actually know the person and they just show you a little part of who they are. Overall, I hope that we will get along.

Snow days

On the two snow days I was at home; my friends came over and we went outside and played in the snow. It was so much fun, since we did not have that much snow this year . After playing in the snow, we went to go get something to eat and watched movies the whole day. Overall, it was so much fun!!!!

Moments with them

A lot of memorable moments happen throughout my friendships, we laugh, we cry out of laughter, and so many more moments good and bad.  We all went out to a dinner just on the exact same date for 7 years exact and we were just recalling the moments we had. When we were recalling the moments we were remembering every single stupid thing we talked about, we cried thinking about that we are all  going to different universities and going to go on our separate ways. Meanwhile, also thinking this might the last time we have the same dinner on the same exact date.



Happy Friends

Throughout this week many people have been happy for me. I got accepted to one of my top universities I wanted to go to. My friends bought me a hoodie of the university.  My friends did very sweet details to make me happy and overall they seem happy as well.  Most of my friends already got accepted to the college they wanted to go to. On Christmas, I bought one of my friends a beanie of VT , she was very happy. Overall, we all have sports wear from the university we want to go to and we are all happy cause of the sweet detail we did for one another.  My friends are happy.


Get together

My friends were planning a get together for one of my friend’s birthday , the dilemma started when we were planning it. My friends were so disorganized  and did not have a plan, it was a huge mess.  So therefore I decided not to participate because I only knew that it would lead to a fight. Later after her birthday passed they  were questioning me and asking  why I did not come  to the get together, I just said I had plans. I got mad because they did not ask the other person why they did not come when they did not have any plans, when I did.  Why are my friends like this ?

Friends and Spare Time

Lately, we have been missing a lot of days of school because of snow days and winter break. I saw them a lot during that time.  Although the time we spend together is great, there is weird tensions felt between each other. Many are talking behind each others backs  and acting hypocritical towards one another when they are face to face. We have great time together by binge watching series, and  eating a lot till we can’t anymore. They are great friends and I don’t know why things are changing. Now, things are starting to get better and there is not that much drama as there used to be. Lately, I have been asking myself if I  would  ever know if they are talking behind my back?

Stress and Friends around me

Senioritis and deadlines are starting to appear for everyone. My friends and I are stressing about deadlines coming closer to us. In Independent Science Research (ISR) some  of my friends already finished their experiment, meanwhile I am just starting and it is due by the end of  January. Those who have not finished their experiment are experiencing dilemmas where one thing is not working so therefore their whole experiment is not working .  My friends are going to school at 7 A.M. and leaving school around 5 P.M. in order to finish their experiment, so therefore that means there is less time to hang out with other friends and being stress free without worrying about school work. Stress is overcoming my friends and making it difficult for everyone since it is changing people for better or for worse.