The Summit

The summit took place like for 10 days, during those 10 days I was introduced to some wonderful people from different places around the world. I got to get to know their culture, their politics, and many more interesting facts about them. During those 10 days I had to volunteer to help, and I was introduced to some amazing people, whom showed their passion for being here. It made me realize that I should appreciate being in a place where there are such liberties given to me, where some of them don’t even have in their countries.


I played with bubbles the other day. I felt like a little kid , my friends getting happy the simplicity of just bubbles. Bubbles that are so simple people were getting really happy over something so simple. It filled me with joy just see the joy others had as well as me, showed me that happiness depends on your friends and yourself as well.


I found my roommate right when the housing application started. I am excited but at the same time I am nervous of who she will turn out to be, if she’ll be my friend or not. Picking a roommate is difficult since you do not actually know the person and they just show you a little part of who they are. Overall, I hope that we will get along.