Snow days

On the two snow days I was at home; my friends came over and we went outside and played in the snow. It was so much fun, since we did not have that much snow this year . After playing in the snow, we went to go get something to eat and watched movies the whole day. Overall, it was so much fun!!!!

Moments with them

A lot of memorable moments happen throughout my friendships, we laugh, we cry out of laughter, and so many more moments good and bad.  We all went out to a dinner just on the exact same date for 7 years exact and we were just recalling the moments we had. When we were recalling the moments we were remembering every single stupid thing we talked about, we cried thinking about that we are all  going to different universities and going to go on our separate ways. Meanwhile, also thinking this might the last time we have the same dinner on the same exact date.