Happy Friends

Throughout this week many people have been happy for me. I got accepted to one of my top universities I wanted to go to. My friends bought me a hoodie of the university.  My friends did very sweet details to make me happy and overall they seem happy as well.  Most of my friends already got accepted to the college they wanted to go to. On Christmas, I bought one of my friends a beanie of VT , she was very happy. Overall, we all have sports wear from the university we want to go to and we are all happy cause of the sweet detail we did for one another.  My friends are happy.

🙂  http://www.dictionary.com/browse/happy

Get together

My friends were planning a get together for one of my friend’s birthday , the dilemma started when we were planning it. My friends were so disorganized  and did not have a plan, it was a huge mess.  So therefore I decided not to participate because I only knew that it would lead to a fight. Later after her birthday passed they  were questioning me and asking  why I did not come  to the get together, I just said I had plans. I got mad because they did not ask the other person why they did not come when they did not have any plans, when I did.  Why are my friends like this ?


Friends and Spare Time

Lately, we have been missing a lot of days of school because of snow days and winter break. I saw them a lot during that time.  Although the time we spend together is great, there is weird tensions felt between each other. Many are talking behind each others backs  and acting hypocritical towards one another when they are face to face. We have great time together by binge watching series, and  eating a lot till we can’t anymore. They are great friends and I don’t know why things are changing. Now, things are starting to get better and there is not that much drama as there used to be. Lately, I have been asking myself if I  would  ever know if they are talking behind my back?