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Keep Drummin / Week Five SBC

My great-great-great-great Grandfather came with his son as slaves from Nigeria to America. I always like to think about Nigeria because that is where I am from. As time moves forward, our connection to this history seems further and further away. It is important to me to maintain that connection. Along with the culture and the food, the music is also important to me. 

This week, the SBC Challenge has a focus on music, and I am glad to share information about an instrument that is from my heritage. This week’s post includes details about one instrument in particular, the Udu drum. The Udu is usually made out of clay. The drum is hollow and has a hole on the top and the side of the drum, and is made by hand. The Udu makes a unique bass sound when being played. Another fun fact that surprised me is that the Udu is also used as a water jug, with an additional hole.

I think it is helpful to actually hear the sound created by this instrument, so I’ve attached a video to this post for your listening enjoyment. I believe it is also important that everyone digs deeper into their heritage. Leading from that, I ask you to consider if there are any special instruments that come from your country of origin that might spark an interest in you. I also encourage you to comment, specifically about your ethnicity, and feel free to share anything music-related that came from your ancestors. See you guys next week, keep drummin!


One thought on “Keep Drummin / Week Five SBC

  1. Thanks for the detailed post Marissa! The Udu drum seems unique and also practical. Thanks for sharing this part of your heritage.

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