21 Questions

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog! As you know we are all social distancing so this time might be very boring. Here are some questions that could past the time while your at home… alone.

  1. What are you currently juggling in your life?
  2. If you could assign one household chore to someone else, what would it be?
  3. What does nobody want to talk about, but really should?
  4. What topic can you bring up at a family gathering to instantly get everyone riled up?
  5. Is there anything that makes you far angrier than it should?
  6. What’s stopping you?
  7. What was a situation where you literally did a double take?
  8. Have you ever seen a movie that you thought was better than the book?
  9. Do you enjoy people watching?
  10. What is your current go-to song to dance to when nobody is around?
  11. What future year are you most looking forward to arriving?
  12. What’s your favorite room in your house and why?
  13. What situation is sure to make you cry?
  14. What have you recently realized you have been doing wrong?
  15. When you’re by yourself, what do you usually think about?
  16. What’s the worst piece of advice you ever got from someone?
  17. What is something that you would really like to try again?
  18. What song do you secretly sing in the shower?
  19. Do you believe there is only one other person in the world for you or many?
  20. Are you currently going through any type of phase?
  21. What is money to you?

Feel free to answer as many of these questions as you want to the comment section down below. If you don’t want to answer any of those questions I still want you to have wonderful day. Bye and stay safe!


Have a question? We want to help. - Brookside Elementary School

Let’s Reflect / Week 8 SBC

For the 2019 SBC, I thought this was going to be pretty hard. When we were asked to do a Flip Grid on our topic, I flipped. This was probably the moment where I noticed that I was a true procrastinator. I might be in trouble. I was up till eleven PM the night before the flip grid was due. After this first experience, I wasn’t excited to start a blog. Was I going to do this every single night!? I thought to myself. 

I suprised myself, in eight weeks, I created six blog posts!! Altogether I received 16 comments. I thought I would be disappointed in such a small number. I took into consideration that this was my first experience with blogging, and I know I can do better next year. but I know I can do better next year. That is, if I decide to take Communications again next year. My favorite post was probably SBC week one, my avatar post. I love using my creative side, and when I got to design me as an android, I was excited to express myself by a picture. Then explaining how that is me.

In the future, I’m not sure if I am going to continue blogging. Although now that I am finished with the blogging challenge, be able to express the actual title of my blog. Flip Books! I am considering the opportunity to blog about the actual topic of my blog, Flipbooks!

Snowy Season / Week Seven SBC

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas or any holiday your family chooses to believe in. Christmas is easily my favorite holiday. I just love how cozy it is when you’re bundled up inside with your family while snow falls to the ground. Although for the past couple of years, we haven’t had a white Christmas. Fingers crossed!

Anyways, not only do I like being nice and cozy inside, I love to take advantage of the snow! My favorite activities to do outside are sledding, snowball fights, and making snowmen. I usually love playing with my best friends in the snow. But now that my sister is three years old, I have to make sure she gets in on the fun too. I try to play it easy with her by going on the small hill next to our house, but she still resists, she loves the adrenaline. I have to convince her that it is not safe, but she only listens sometimes. In the end, though, she is still my best friend and my snow buddy forever.

 Make sure to comment your favorite snow day activity. See you next week, dudes and dudettes!


Keep Drummin / Week Five SBC

My great-great-great-great Grandfather came with his son as slaves from Nigeria to America. I always like to think about Nigeria because that is where I am from. As time moves forward, our connection to this history seems further and further away. It is important to me to maintain that connection. Along with the culture and the food, the music is also important to me. 

This week, the SBC Challenge has a focus on music, and I am glad to share information about an instrument that is from my heritage. This week’s post includes details about one instrument in particular, the Udu drum. The Udu is usually made out of clay. The drum is hollow and has a hole on the top and the side of the drum, and is made by hand. The Udu makes a unique bass sound when being played. Another fun fact that surprised me is that the Udu is also used as a water jug, with an additional hole.

I think it is helpful to actually hear the sound created by this instrument, so I’ve attached a video to this post for your listening enjoyment. I believe it is also important that everyone digs deeper into their heritage. Leading from that, I ask you to consider if there are any special instruments that come from your country of origin that might spark an interest in you. I also encourage you to comment, specifically about your ethnicity, and feel free to share anything music-related that came from your ancestors. See you guys next week, keep drummin!


Soccer Player.., Here! / Week Four SBC

Hey soccer fans, and if you are not a fan um please read anyway,

I love playing soccer. I started when I was 8 and I hope to continue for a long time. I play in the Sterling league, and we decided on the name Lions. I play goalie and defense. They’re my best spots on the field. Playing by the goal for 70 minutes is very stressful, and I am bound to make mistakes that could cost us a point. 

I also love playing FIFA19, although if I don’t win, I will through my controller on the ground, no joke. You might find me screaming, “I will never play this stupid game again!” But tomorrow I’ll be rolling on the ground trying to redeem myself. 

My favorite male team is Manchester United. In all honesty, I started liking the team because the colors were red. But after time I did start enjoying their way of play. 

My favorite female team is definitely USA. They are winners, and that is the kind of team I like to support. They don’t disappoint, and they are 5 stars on FIFA19. 

Thank you for reading my post, and make sure you don’t leave my blog without leaving a comment on what your most favorite sport is. See you all next week!!

Happy Halloween / Week Three SBC

In a haunted house on Halloween Day, a creepy vibe filled the air, except for the trees that continued to sway.  

The trees were warning, “Hurry turn back! Before all you can remember is your memory going black.”

In a haunted house on Halloween evening, no sounds were heard, except for the screaming.

The screaming was echoing in the wind, as they crept down the hallway, they saw something that grinned.

In a haunted house on Halloween Night, nothing was lit, except for the Jack-O-Lantern’s light.

When they got near the Jack-O-Lantern, they got caught in a scene, and what they remembered last was a it howling…

“Happy Halloween!”

How To Comment / Week Two SBC

Hey Ladies and Gents,

For the Student Blogging Challenge, Week Two, I created a video with the blog cite “Cooking Up Words.” This week, we were supposed to make steps on how to comment on a post the correct way. In the video, we added three steps to guide you on avoiding mistakes while commenting. The link to our video is down below so make sure to watch it because we worked hard on it. You may also watch it if your are struggling to share a great comment.

Week Two signing off.


Marissa Who? / Week One SBC

I created an Avatar for my blog to represent me. The Avatar includes many aspects of things I enjoy, in a way that shows my interests. As you may infer, my favorite color is red, due to the choice of clothing that I put on my avatar. My avatar’s clothing tells a little more about me on the inside as well. The shirt I am wearing represents a Christmas vibe because it is my favorite time of year; I love the snowy, cold weather. As you can also see from my avatar, I am holding a soccer ball. I have been playing soccer since the end of second grade, and have loved it since.

The image has a cite below that takes you to where you can see all of our avatars. Also where you can also learn a little more about us. We made sure that we centered our avatars around our interests. My class, and I are excited to be participating in the blogging challenge this year. We are off to a great start for Week One SBC. If you saw any connections to the slideshow that related to you, make sure to share in the comments!

Week One signing off.


Flipping From A to Z

One of my favorite things to do is creating flip books, so I’m excited to be talking about the amazing things your can do when animating on paper. For the blog I started this year, I curiously started digging through my mind and excitedly remembered that I love and enjoy making and watching flip books. When I thought about it, my love of this comes from the great meanings or morals told in the stories. This is true Whether they’re happy, disappointing, or inspiring.

Flip Books are little stories that are made on many pieces of paper. Making flip books adds a jaunty feeling to a boring piece of paper, back to back. Additionally, making a flip book comes with knacks on learning how to flip them. When you are drawing or making characters in your flip book, I recommend drawing stick figures and not adding any extra accessories except hair, occasionally bows or glasses are necessary. You also want to make your character in many different positions. In fact, this technique would be quite the animation, making it look realistic! Taking in some of these stylish tips would be useful making your flip book. Plus, you should trust me because I’m a verified flip book artist, I would. Flip books are exciting make the most of your imagination zone.

All About Marissa

  1. I was born in Alexandria, VA on August 30, 2007. I lived there until I was two. When we lived in Alexandria, we lived in two apartments before moving to Sterling. My parents moved us because they heard the school district is great. When we moved to Sterling, my parents rented a townhouse and we lived there until I was eight. Now we are living in a house.


  1. I have a sister named Nicole, who is four years old so that makes us eight years apart. She basically does everything that I do, so I always have to be a good role model. An example is, is when I got my hair done at a salon. They washed my hair, trimmed it and parted it to the right. My sister of course had to get the same hairstyle. If the matching overalls were not enough that day, our hairstyle just finished the look. 
  1. I have always been interested in being active. I started playing sports when I was three in 2010. That’s when I started ballet and swimming. I quit ballet in 2011 because I never paid attention. When I got to level three in gymnastics, I decided to stop and start taekwondo and ice skating. At this point I was doing swimming, taekwondo, and ice skating in 2014. When I got into third grade in 2015, I stopped doing ice skating and swimming then continued with taekwondo and started soccer. In 2016 I got to a green belt in taekwondo, that is also the year I stopped the sport. Now in 2019, I’m still doing soccer. Do you see a pattern here?


  1. Not only do I love playing games that require physical activity, but I am also a very competitive CandyLand player. I even have a four ft. tall green gingerbread man from the game. I also love playing Monopoly, which is my favorite board game, and Mancala. If you don’t know what Mancala is then here’s how to play– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjfajYNYfgc


  1. My most favorite breakfast is B.R.S. You probably don’t know what that means, well it means Bacon, Rice and Sausage. And all of it combined it crunchy and soft goodness and easily the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Although favorite lunch is grilled cheese. I love going to restaurants and ordering a grilled cheese because every restaurant makes a different kind of grilled cheese. With like a different cheese, or different bread. If there were a show on who could make the most creative and best-tasting grilled cheese, I’d definitely go to college to be a judge on that show. And for dinner, tilapia, seaweed, rice and mayonnaise. I wrap those other ingredients in the seaweed and it’s very delicious, I always have to go back for seconds and even thirds.


  1. I can’t stop singing in the shower. To be honest the shower is so boring, and you could think of this as adding something interesting while you are washing yourself to keep healthy. I even one time made a song in the shower called “Storm Clouds” but I only made 3 lines.


  1. When I was two years old I started going to King Solomon’s Christian Academy, as a preschool. I went there till I was four years old. Since my birthday is in late August, I would just be turning five when school started, so I had to take a quiz to see if I was smart enough to keep up with the things they would learn. And gratefully I passed, and went to Horizon Elementary school and was placed in Mrs. Toynbee’s kindergarten class. Then I moved to first grade and got Mrs. Gallihugh, second grade Mrs. Suefert, third grade Ms. Johnson. In fourth grade I got Miss Griffith, and 5th Mr. Patterson.  


  1. I have many stuffed animals but, there is only a couple that sleep in my room. Those are the Miller family, Doodle (the dad monkey), Mommy Ket (the mommy monkey), Little Ket (their daughter), and Chester (their adopted son). We also have Blankey, bunny, Little Marissa, Dolly, and Mr. Little Whites.


  1. I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS! I ride a variety of different roller coasters, starting from small rides for my sister to the biggest rides in the park with my dad. Recently, I went to Hershey Park for my birthday, and my dad and I stood in line for the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the Park. I was planning to go by myself because my dad was too scared. But when the lady asked me how many people I said one, and right when I was about to get on my dad said “make that two” so dramatically. And we both went on and it was awesome… for me.  After my dad got off the ride he had to go to the hospital because he hurt his back. I guess the roller coaster was too fast. But now he can never go on another roller coaster again.


  1. Lastly, I love making my own books, but mostly for illustration purposes. That’s why I thought making flip books would really suit me so I could have fun in communications this year. I hope you enjoy looking at my flip books, as much I did making them!