Early Education and Its Impacts

https://sites.google.com/lcps.org/research-project For this recent project, I decided to research early education and the impacts that positive and negative influences of a learning environment have on children. I adapted this original research to focus on parents of children who are currently in early education. Because of this adaptation, I had to change wording as well as […]

My Last Blog Post

Upon hearing that we were no longer going to continue blogs, I immediately felt a wave of relief fall over me. I was no longer going to have this assignment floating above my head whispering, “You haven’t met your required quota! You still need more posts and comments.” I instinctively thought, “yay no more blogs […]

A Step Closer to College

As the calendar is nearing closer and closer to application deadlines, many of us are starting to stress and panic. Those of us who are applying to college think, “I thought I had more time to do it!” We are quietly watching as the days tick by, realizing we have fewer and fewer days left […]

Nothing Left to Write

At this point in our writing, many of us feel as though we are at a roadblock. We find ourselves blankly staring at a blinking cursor in front of the unwritten text that is yet to appear. A simple assignment of writing whatever comes to our minds leaves us in a state of uncertainty and […]

“Not a Selfie”

When reading an essay in class about properly writing a college essay, I connected strongly with the overall theme. The writing went on to explain that your essay shouldn’t necessarily be the perfect picture you want your life to be. Rather, the writer needs to be able to write vulnerably and not be afraid of […]

High School Artifact

After a long day at school, I place my keys on a hook right by the garage door. They are attached to what was once a bright and vibrant red lanyard with white letters spelling “Roar Pride.” Now it hangs, a dull and dark red tinged with brown and flaked away letters. The lanyard currently […]

Organic Object

A lush and vibrant plant that used to spend its days perched on a window sill basking in the warmth from the sun now sits on a cold wooden desk: lifeless and brittle. Its wilted leaves, now shades of yellow and brown, are tightly curled as if it were a person hiding within themselves. A […]

Hello world!

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