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I turned my research paper into a google site, which talked about the different aspects of a hospital.  For a long time, my dream job was to be a pediatric oncologist; however, I don’t have the mental drive for that type of a career.  Fortunately, I came across healthcare administration, which isn’t as difficult to work up to, but you do need to attend graduate school.  The reason that I chose a google site was because I felt the most comfortable with the software and how to use it, and I also felt as if it were the best type of genre where I could make it however I wanted.  Within the communication aspect within the site, I was able to make the same points that I did in my research paper, but I was able to make them much more concise on the google site.  I personally felt as if the concise version (google site) of the research paper is much easier to read and easier to understand because all of the information is presented at once, and not over the span of an entire paragraph.  While writing the actual research paper, I struggled on who the intended audience was supposed to be; however, before I created the site, I realized that this site is intended for anyone in the same boat as me, where they have dreams of being a doctor, but don’t know if that is something achievable.


I feel absolutely miserable. right as I got to the blood donation center I knew something was wrong.

Lets start from the beginning…

when I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel that great. But I didn’t really have another option but to go to school, so I went. right as school started I knew that I was getting sick, I had a sore throat I was coughing and I had the chills. fortunately, we had a Halloween party today so I didn’t really miss any important information when I decided to just not pay attention and put my head down for the day. however, I knew that I was signed up to donate blood so I felt as if I couldn’t bail on them. when I got to the center they had me fill out the paperwork and then took me into another room checking my iron levels, my temperature, and my blood pressure.  when the little disposable thermometer came out of my mouth, I had a slight fever at 99°F But the people at the donation center didn’t say anything of it so I thought maybe was just some stress.nbut the people at the donation center didn’t say anything of it so I thought maybe was just some stress.  while I was donating blood I happen to have thrown a clot and the flow of blood stopped, which was extremely painful because the phlebotomist was trying to move around the needle but it wasn’t working.  they told me that I couldn’t donate anymore and that was fine with me. Finally, when I got home I was supposed to take my sister trick-or-treating because it’s Halloween; however, I decided to take my temperature again and I realize that I have a high fever and I am stuck in bed and just waiting for the sickness to pass.


It has completely taken over my life; if I’m not doing homework or sleeping, I am satisfying my addiction.  Even when I am at school, I still need to make time to do it…  It has completely taken over my life.

Tik Tok

It is almost better than vine, but not quite. I always find the need to at least watch one tik tok a day.  I always find myself quoting one and then other people join me, and we almost create an instant bond. I will have to say, though, I do get sick of them because a lot of the times all of the Tik Tokers use the same audio, so scrolling through my for you page, it is just the same couple of audios, and I get really annoyed.  However, I do find myself laughing at a lot of Tik Toks when I am just laying in bed, instead of doing homework.

When Tik Tok first started getting popular, I told myself I wasn’t going to download the app and join that bandwagon…but here we are, completely addicted to watching them. I will have to admit “addicted” is a very strong word to use about how I feel about the app, I would just say that I use the app to fill the space and time that I am procrastinating homework and any other type of work.

Some of the audios are just joking and funny things, but others are songs, and I have actually been able to increase my playlist to include the songs that I have heard on the app.  So in someways I can say the app has been beneficial, but also it has wasted so much time I could have spend practically doing things.

Longing Thought

One of the most controversial questions is, “would you rather know when you die, or how you  die?”.  Truthfully, I would want to know when I die.  A lot of people that I have asked tend to disagree with me and want to know how they die.  I just don’t understand why they would want to know how…it’s not like you can just avoid that activity because you were destined to die that way if you had that option to know how or when.  Knowing when you die would be so beneficial because you can perfectly time your life: from spending time on work to spending time vacationing.  The only downside to this, though, is what if you were told that you were going to die within the next 24 hours?  That is so scary to think that your life will just end; however, I will cram as much as I can within those last 24 hours.

Within the next 24 hours of my life, I would honestly tell everyone I know how I truly feel about  them, eat my favorite foods, spend a ton of money on useless things that I wouldn’t even think about getting if I were to live, and then after all of that is done, i would drive up to New York City.  I absolutely love New York City, and if i only had a few hours left to live,you better believe the I spend it in the place I love the most.

If you were presented with the choice of knowing how or when you die…what would you choose?

Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie

Before reading this essay, I had a sneaking suspicion that it’s exactly how the title sounds, your college essay isn’t going to be or supposed to be a perfectly polished essay; your essay should include some of your flaws and show who you really are, not just some polished, edited version of yourself.  While reading the first part of the essay, I just thought about how sad it was when Madison Holleran committed suicide because of how much stress that she feels in her academic and personal and athletic life.  I am not saying that I’m suicidal, but I do understand how much stress and pressure she feels.

Generally speaking, high school is probably the most stressful couple of years a student goes through: from the SAT and writing college application essays and trying to get into college.  A lot of people say that junior is the “hardest year of high school”, but having been in senior year for about a month now, I 100% disagree with that.  Senior year has so many different things going on, applying to college, keeping your grades up, working, and so many other factors.  Fortunately, this stress doesn’t last that long because college apps are due in December and not long after that is when people start receiving acceptance letters, and all of that stress slowly dwindles away and we all get so excited to leave and go to college.

Repetition In Writing

For as long as I can remember, in english throughout elementary, middle, and part of high school, we have always been taught that once we state something, there is no need to restate it because then it just gets redundant and repetitive; instead, we are just supposed to say something else or rephrase the sentence in a different way to.  As we got older, however, we have now been taught to incorporate more repetition in essays we write, and how it is a helpful tool to use when writing an essay because it adds character to an essay.  Also, using repetition, adds a subjective perspective to the piece of writing compared to not using repetition and just stating boring facts or information as one sees it and blandly incorporating it into the paper.  Personally speaking, repetition can be a difficult tool to use because simply just stating the same word or phrase over again can be somewhat annoying, because as a reader, no one likes to read the same thing over and over again.  However, if repetition is used correctly, it adds so much depth, clarity, and also possibly comic effect.  In the text Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clarke, Clarke says “repetition…frames the argument for protection of free speech, even when the speech is expressed in a hateful way”, and personally, I don’t think repetition can extend that far as protecting your rights listed in the Constitution, but it can have a strong effect on things that can eventually lead to having your rights protected.

Rememberable Moment

This picture was taken this summer at Kensington Palace in London.  That day was a really rainy and gloomy day, so my sister and I weren’t really in the mood to walk around and learn the history about the castle, but our parents really encouraged that we try to be positive about the situation.  When we got there, we ate breakfast at the little cafe that was there.  After we finished, we entered the castle, and all of a sudden, I got an overwhelming sense of happiness and interest about the castle.  Walking around the castle was the most interesting thing to me because Queen Elizabeth II has lived there and owns it, and to think that she has walked on the same floors and probably touched the same things that I am, was just such a weird thing to think about.  My sister and I split up our mom and dad so we can go faster or slower than them.  After my sister and I finished the tour, we briefly discussed what we saw and also talked about what was interesting about the castle.  I think the most interesting part about the whole tour was there was a dress that one of the queens wore for their husbands funeral, and the most interesting part was that she wore a size 42 waist and was extremely short, so she was very obese and overweight.  Overall, going to Europe was such an amazing experience, and I had such a fun time looking at all of the different things, although I was so tired of walking everywhere.


Organic Item

What I don’t understand is why are limes so sour.  The green smooth skin of the outer peel of the lime is perfectly chilled and looks so welcoming.  But right as you taste it, you realize you have been played because the lime is so citrusy and sour.  The feeling of the citrusy and sourness reminded me of the time where my friend and I were carrying this large block of cement at volunteer camp, and we dropped it.  It instantly cut the entitreity of my forearm and there were so many cuts that were bleeding and painful.  Eventually they healed and left big and ugly  and brown scars like the brown spots on the outside of your peel.  I cut the lime open, and it’s like a cool summer breeze brushes over my hot and sweaty neck from playing outside with my sister.  We would usually go walk to the big neighborhood playground and go down the slide and play on the monkey bars and climb up the rock wall. The summer time is my favorite season because there are so many more thing that I can do with my friends.  During the majority of my summer, I hung out with my friends and drove around with the windows down blasting the music.  One time when I was driving at night, I didn’t see the sprinklers, so we drove right into them and got soaked!  When you’re squeezing a lime into a bowl to make a boring chicken marinade and then the lime squeezes out of control and some of the juice gets on your hand or maybe your eye. The idea of using limes is nice; although they sometimes can help flavor some steak or guacamole, they can also be so overpowering even if there is just one teaspoon too much.  After the first day of bringing you into class, someone took a big bite out of your neon green/slightly bruised skin.  After that, we had no option but to throw you away because all of your juices just kept flowing out, like when I tripped and fell in the 6th grade and the blood was going everywhere. Although there are many people that find limes helpful and useful in different things, I personally don’t think they are useful for anything.


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