Medical Malpractice for Surgeons

My communication genre for this project was a Google site, and I sent it to my parents. I chose my parents to be my audience because I feel that both of them have a good understanding of different aspects of the subject. My mother is familiar with the medical field and the occurrence of medical malpractice, while my father understands the business side and how a lawsuit works. Because of the technicality involved with my rhetorical situation, I thought that a Google site was an appropriate choice of genre; the written text would allow my audience to understand the whole picture without getting confused. I broke my information up into the topics that I did because it would allow the audience to dive deeper into different aspects and learn more about the process of what happens before, during, and after a malpractice suit. Also, the Google site also neatly spreads the information in a way that is easier to read. When I revised my paper, I made sure to add more information on the difference in medical malpractice between doctors and surgeons. Since I wanted to focus my paper on the surgical aspect, I felt that it was appropriate to differentiate the two. In addition, I overall tried to make my information for my rhetorical situation more organized into sections and make the structure more clear because it is a complicated topic.

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Why Am I Still Awake?

Yes, this is me, writing my final blog post at 1 AM. I know what thoughts have just popped into your head at this very moment. ¨I did not know that Emaan was a procrastinator,” or  ̈Wow, Emaan must have a lot of homework.¨ To an extent these thoughts are correct, but I have also recently gained an appreciation for the late night hours.

 Despite what most people say, senior year has been the most demanding year in all aspects of my life. I constantly feel that I have more things to do than time in which to do them. This has caused me to start doing something that I never thought I would ever do: sacrifice sleep to do homework. This can be dangerous for me at times because I have a bad tendency to fall asleep in class. Since I am not a fan of coffee, I have no help in fighting the urge to close my eyes while sitting at my desk. 

Anyway, the urge to go to sleep usually hits me around 11 pm, and it is a struggle every night to decide whether to finish my work or just go to sleep. In all honesty, I may tell myself that I will finish my work in the morning, but I never do. When I fight the urge of sleep, I feel like I can overcome anything. For some reason, I get a sudden burst of energy, which is exactly what I need. Just the feeling of being awake while the rest of the world, including my parents, are asleep makes me feel like I can do anything I want to. It sounds like it can become lonely at times, but I always have my cat to keep me company. Sometimes I feel like I should just stay up all night and not go to sleep at all, but I usually take that as my cue that I am losing my mind from a lack of sleep and it is time to go to bed. 

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The Mustang

The Mustang


A silver, somewhat beat up, convertible mustang was far from what I imagined my first car to be. The car is a little cramped and worn down here and there, but nevertheless perfect for a teenager’s first car. I mean are you even a teenager if you have not experienced some car trouble? My sister and I were enthralled with it; we rode it with the top down almost everywhere we went. 

Although the car looked perfect in our eyes, it definitely came with its issues. Sitting in the backseat is somewhat unpleasant: if the top is up it is cramped and if the top is down your hair would become a mess. I even remember tears coming down my face when I combed my hair after a ride one time; I wasn’t upset or anything, my hair was just that tangled. When the winter came, the mustang really made me miss the comfort of the heated seats and reliability of my mother’s lexus. Some extra chilly mornings the car’s battery would die, and we have to either jump start it quickly or ride to school with my parents. This was stressful because it happened at the randomest of times. Thinking about it now, I think the best season to ride in the mustang is the spring: with the cool breeze blowing and the sun keeping us warm. 

Over time, I learned to understand our relationship with the mustang: it will be nice to us if we are nice to it. When it was my turn to learn how to drive, I fell in love with the car even more: there was no better feeling than being able to drive it anywhere I wanted. Over the years, I have created countless memories in the mustang that I will always remember, good and bad. I am thankful to this car for teaching me important things like how to jumpstart a car and how to put the top up without the button, but also things like responsibility and flexibility. I will always cherish this car for sticking with me throughout high school and watching me transform from a freshman that didn’t know much about cars to a senior who has a newfound appreciation for them.

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The Peach’s Perspective

Dear Diary,

I am super confused. I have found myself sitting on a flat desk inside a classroom, and I have no idea how I ended up here. I feel really sore and groggy, so I guess I might have blacked out or something. What has happened in the last 24 hours? The last thing that I can remember is sitting in a pile with my fellow peaches at the grocery store. I guess this girl in front of me must have picked me up and taken me home, but why did she take me to this classroom, and why is she staring at me? She looks like she is studying me, not getting ready to eat me. I guess this means that I am safe, for now at least. I look around and there are other fruits sitting on the other student’s desks. I wonder if they are in the same boat as me. Should I try to get the attention of the other fruits? Maybe we can all escape together! I look beside me and there is a strange looking dragon fruit next to me, and I don’t really feel like talking to it. It does not look very friendly. This is so scary; I miss my peach family at the store.


It has been almost 20 minutes, why is this girl still looking so serious towards me?  I really hope she stops staring at me soon because I am starting to get uncomfortable. She better not eat me after all of this weirdness because that would be even weirder. Wish me luck diary, I think I will be needing it.

Love always, 


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Vulnerability in a College Essay

Applying to college is probably the hardest and most stressful thing a student will do in high school, and I am speaking from experience. You are basically trying to convince a college that all of your hard work in the past four years and beyond have shaped you into an ideal student for their school in just one of the thousands of applications that they read every year. To a college, each person who applies is just another application: test scores, GPA, and transcripts. In reality, everyone is unique in their own way, and behind every person is their own story. At school, it may feel like we know everything about each of our classmates, but we only see them for a short period of time of their lives. We never truly know how someone is feeling or what their lives are truly like outside of school. There are many factors and experiences that have impacted our lives in a way that cannot be told in a college application. This is why it is so important to show vulnerability through your college essays. The college essay is a platform for students to tell their story and show colleges who they truly are the way that they want it to be told. I am a firm believer that our experiences shape us into who we are, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable when writing your essay will really let your personality and personal values shine through. Giving a college what they want to hear or just listing your accomplishments will make you sound shallow and ordinary, which hurts your chances of getting in and makes you look afraid of rejection. Looking deep within yourself will truly show how you have changed as a person over the years and the type of person that a college would potentially be accepting. 

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High School Artifact

My daily routine for the first quarter of high school all four years has consisted of eating, sleeping, school, and volleyball. Playing volleyball for Heritage has been a memorable experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The friendships that I have built and grown since freshman year with my teammates feels more special and different than the rest. I consider my team to be like a second family to me, and I especially appreciate the way that we pick each other up and support each other both on and off the court. Over the years, I have learned so many lessons from my experiences. Volleyball is a game of mental toughness and working under pressure, and I have built these skills and implemented them into my life outside of the court as well. Time management has also been a skill that I have fortified over the years. My classes have become increasingly harder as I have gone through high school, and the pressure that comes from moving up teams from freshman to varsity have directed me to invest more time into volleyball. It is really tempting for me to just come home and fall asleep, but I know that school is my first priority. 

There is nothing else that can match the rush of emotions that I experience during a volleyball game, except for maybe a rollercoaster. Every single point in the game feels like a different story, and anything can happen when the ball is in play. The ups and downs during a game makes my team and I stronger and helps us get better by executing under pressure. Playing with my team makes playing volleyball even more fun and exciting, because the connections that we have built on and off the court really shine through during the game. The late nights, stress, and pressure are all worth it when I step onto the court, and I will appreciate my volleyball experience and memories for the rest of my life. 

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Organic Object Blog

The peach is soft but firm at the same time; it is durable but also fragile. The outside of it is soft and textured, while the inside is smooth and glossy. The whole fruit seems like a protective covering for the hard pit in the center. This reminds me of an egg, except the hard part is on the inside. I wonder if this peach was grown in the United States. If so, how long and arduous was its journey before it appeared in my shopping cart. I think that the lifespan of a peach is short. They are grown until ripe, shipped to the grocery store, and then eaten or rot. I wonder how rotting feels. It reminds me of the circle of life, and how the same thing will happen to me someday. It is, in a way, eye opening to watch this process happen right in front of me. 

About its taste, I know it’s very juicy and sweet. I imagine biting into it, with all of the flavor filling my mouth and overwhelming my taste buds. I would like to eat it right now. A fruit’s sweetness makes it more rich and tasty than any type of dessert. It is the dessert of nature. The peach’s fiery colors remind me of the sun, and how its life will end someday as well. When this happens, our entire solar system will cease to exist, which is scary to think about. Sadly all good things must come to an end. I think this every time I finish eating a delicious peach. 

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