Sierra Burgess is a loser

I watched this movie a week ago i think and i gotta say i actually liked it. To be honest, i thought i wasnt going to like it by looking at the trailer. I actually listen a song that in this movie that the main character sang like a year ago and i just figured it out that there is a movie about it. This movie starts with a girl, Sierra, who i guess everyone bullies her by the way she looks and her weight. Until a handsome guy, Jamey, ¨randomly¨ texted her but the real problem is that text message was a mistake. You see, a popular girl named Veronica gave Jamey Sierra´s number because Jamey liked Veronica. So the two girls, the popular and the unpopular, decided to team up to make Sierra´s high school crush, Jamey to like her by pretending to be Veronica. It is kind of hard to explain but once you watch it, you will understand. I rate this 10/10 because i like how this movie gives a meaning to this which is, to be yourself. I recommend this movie and i also recommend to listen to the song Sierra wrote. For me, the song is beautiful.

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