The Doll 2

This movie comes from the other movie, ¨The Doll¨ but with a different doll but it still continues from there. This one is with a different family. The mother gave her daughter a doll named Sabrina. Then later then, the family got into a car accident and the daughter was killed. The daughters soul was in the doll, Sabrina, and the mother knew right away because the doll was acting very weird, it did everything the daughter used to do. There is a 3rd part of this movie ¨Sabrina¨ it keeps on continuing but this was the final one. I didnt understand it at first but i figured everything out when i finished it. I will be watching the movie ¨Sabrina¨ over the weekend and i will let you guys know whats up. Also for a heads up, the movie is not english, it is indonesian so you are going have to put subtitles on. I rate this movie 10 out of 10.

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  1. I feel like non-american horror movies are always scarier so that fact that it’s just in a different language is concerning

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