The Conjuring

Not gonna lie guys but this movie gave me the frights. I got so scared that i kicked my cousin in the back, it wasn´t my fault that he was sitting in front of me. Anyways this movie is a family moving into a new house but they did not know that the house was paranormal and once when walk in, the ghost gets attached to them and never leaves them alone. So they asked paranormal investigators and a cop to get rid of the ghost that was possessed in one of the family members, let´s just say everything went terrible. Anyways i recommed this movie if you want to watch something scary and i might watch the 2nd one but i will let you know how it goes on that one. Rate 8 out of 10.

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  1. I watch a lot of horror movies in the summer with my cousins but even though I thought it was a good movie I didn’t personally enjoy it idk why.

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