Book Club Blog Posts

We’re going to merge our blogs and book clubs!  Your mission is to record the open-ended questions that you and your fellow book club members create and discuss in your meetings.  Record each question, then each of you will summarize the discussion generated by the question.  You should make every effort to contribute to the conversation.  Don’t say, “Yeah, I agree,” and then move on.  If you agree, say why and use cited textual evidence to support your opinion. There should be two questions per club member present at the meeting. Today’s post – record your sticky note tracking from your latest reading.  Make sure that you write a short introduction about what book you’re reading, who’s in your club (first names only), and anything else you want to include.   


If for any reason, you are absent from your meeting, you must write a blog post with your two open-ended questions and your own answers to them.  Explain each answer in detail using cited textual evidence that supports your idea. 

Finally, create a book club category and use it when you post.  Create a tag with the name of your book, too.