The movie Fyre is a netflix original and is a documentary about the fyre festival. It revolves around the brains behind the disaster, Billy Mcfarland. He had this great idea to have a music festival on a private island in the Bahamas, and have many famous models promote it to attract customers. The tickets itself were very expensive for the festival, but they also had packages to purchase online. That supposedly included lavish bungalows, great food, and drinks. There was not nearly enough time or money for this to get done. So, Billy just kept taking people’s money even though none of it was ever going to look the way it was described and pictured online. The “lavish bungalows” were actually hurricane matthew tents that people used when their homes were destroyed. People showed up to the festival in udder shock, they couldn’t believe this is what they spent thousands of dollars on. Billy was arrested for fraud and four other charges. This was truly the greatest party that never happened. This documentary was very interesting and I highly recommend to anyone who likes documentaries. I rate this a 8/10.