Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia is a classic movie that everyone knows and loves. I saw this movie over the summer in the theaters and loved it. I had seen the original and loved it, but the more modernized version is much better in my opinion. I do recommend watching the first one before you watch this one because it will help you understand more of the movie. This movie has a soundtrack that will make you want to get up and dance right in the theater. It’s a very interesting look into Donna’s life before her daughter. You see Donna graduate college and she decides to go adventure in Europe. She meets Bill, Harry, and Sam along the way on her adventures. The movie also goes back into the present where Donna’s daughter Sophie is revonating a taverna in Greece, this was Donna’s dream. Donna has past away in the present times, so Sophie is living out her dreams. This movie is great for a family movie night, and is just a really uplifting and fun movie. I would rate this a 8.5/10.

The Notebook

The Notebook is a very famous drama/romance movie set in the 1940s, and it is rated PG-13. Netflix just recently added this movie, and I watched it for the very first time. This movie is definitely a tearjerker. Noah knew it was love at first when he saw Allie, and he really wanted to go on a date with her.  He saw her at the carnival while she was on a date, and jumped on the ferris wheel to get her attention. He asked her on a date and she said no, so he hung from the bar of the ferris wheel. He said he was going to let go if she said no, so she said yes. They went on a date and instantly fell in love. Noah knew of the abandoned house that he always wanted to take down and rebuild one day for him and Allie. Allie told him all the things she would want the house. Allie’s family was very wealthy, and Noah’s family was quite poor. He worked at a coal mine, and earned 40 cents an hour. Allie’s family did not approve of Noah, and thought she could do much better and should have a wealthier boyfriend. Noah and Allie broke up right as summer was ending. They both were very distraught. Noah wrote 365 letters to Allie, but her mother took them all and hid them. Many years later Allie got engaged to a very wealthy man, and Noah rebuilt that abandoned house. Allie saw him in front of the house in the newspaper, and she knew she had to go see him. She went to visit him and they fell in love all over again. This movie is an amazing and timeless film. I rate this movie a 10/10! I highly recommend it to anyone into romance movies because it is now one of my favorites!

Isn’t it Romantic?

“Isn’t it romantic” is a romantic comedy that is PG-13. It stars Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth. It’s revolves around Rebels’ character, Natalie, who isn’t in love and HATES romantic comedies. She goes on and on about why she hates them to her assistant at work. She has coworker who is totally in love with her named Josh. She doesn’t take any of the hints that he’s trying to send. Natalie is walking home and a man attempts to steal her purse. She gets it back and walks straight into a pole and hits her head.  When she wakes up in the hospital she is now in her own romantic comedy. Liam Hemsworth is now in love with her and wants to go on a date with her. She has an amazing apartment with an amazing closet. She now has a cliche gay best friend, and her assistant is now her mortal enemy at work. She goes to work and her office is now so much nicer and Josh really only sees her as a friend. She starts to go out with Liam Hemsworth, and starts to like the idea of him liking her. She later in the film starts to miss her old life. Josh is starts dating Priyanka Chopra, and Natalie gets jealous. She realizes Josh is the one for her, but when she realizes that Josh announces his engagement. Natalie crashes the wedding, and Josh doesn’t reciprocate and marries Priyanka. Natalie realizes she doesn’t care and she loves herself for who she is! She then wakes up in a hospital and is back to her old life and she is ecstatic. She goes to work tells Josh how she feels, and they live happily ever after. I rate this a 8.5/10! I highly recommend this movie Rebel is very funny and fills this role perfectly.

Bird Box

I recently watched the new movie everyone seems to be talking about “Bird Box”. This film is a netflix original, rated R, and considered a drama/thriller. It stars Sandra Bullock as a single Mom having to look out for her two kids, and keeping them safe from the disease. The disease is caught by looking into someone’s eyes who already has the disease. They will try to manipulate you and say what would make you look. The disease makes you live and see your biggest fear, which ends up making most people harm themselves. So the people who haven’t gotten the disease yet wear blindfolds outside to stay safe. The movie is very interesting, but can be dull at some points. I believe it was to long. I rate this movie a 7/10.

Second Act

Over the Christmas break I went to the movie theater and saw “Second Act”. This movie is PG-13 and is considered a romance/comedy. It stars Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini. It’s about how Jenifer Lopez doesn’t get a promotion at a grocery, so Leah Remini’s son makes a fake resume and applies her at a skin care company. She had never been to college and the resume said she went to Harvard, so of course she was hired. Lopez’s boyfriend breaks up with her because they don’t want the same thing.  Throughout the whole movie she keeps this secret to herself. Then she joins in a head to head competition with Vanessa Hudgens. To see who can make the better skin care. At the award ceremony Jennifer Lopez confesses the truth and leaves the company. She starts her own business, which is a delivery grocery service. Her boyfriend and her make up and plan to get married! Overall, this movie was very cheesy and dull at many points in the movie, so I rate it a 5.5/10. Not my kind of movie.

The Gift

Over Thanksgiving break I watched “The Gift”. This movie is a movie/thriller and is rated R. This movie is definitely worth a watch. It is about a husband and wife who recently moved to a very nice mansion that is all glass. Simon, the husband, sees a man from his past who seemed kind of off. Rebecca, the wife, felt bad for him and invited him to dinner. Simon seemed annoyed throughout the dinner and did not like him. Gordon, the weird man, kept dropping by at weird times and acting strangely. He would only drop by when Simon wasn’t home and Rebecca was all alone. He drops off “gifts”. The whole movie is very suspenseful and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The ending has a big unexpected plot twist. I rate this movie 8/10.

A Star is Born

Over the snow day I saw “A Star is Born”. This movie is rated R and is considered a drama/romance. This is the third version of “A Star is Born”. It stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The story begins with Bradley Cooper performing at a concert as a country singer, and he goes to a bar and sees Lady Gaga singing. He falls in love with her voice and her. Throughout the movie he tries to make her a star and she ends up getting more popular than him. It’s hard for him deal with this throughout the movie. In the movie Bradley Cooper’s character is an alcoholic and a drug addict as well. He tries to overcome it for Lady Gaga, and even goes to rehab. Unfortunately, the rehab did not help him overcome his drug addiction and alcoholism. The ending is very sad and will leave in tears. I highly recommend this movie because the acting was phenomenal, the music was beautiful, and the plot is very interesting. I rate this movie 9.5/10.