A Star is Born

Over the snow day I saw “A Star is Born”. This movie is rated R and is considered a drama/romance. This is the third version of “A Star is Born”. It stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The story begins with Bradley Cooper performing at a concert as a country singer, and he goes to a bar and sees Lady Gaga singing. He falls in love with her voice and her. Throughout the movie he tries to make her a star and she ends up getting more popular than him. It’s hard for him deal with this throughout the movie. In the movie Bradley Cooper’s character is an alcoholic and a drug addict as well. He tries to overcome it for Lady Gaga, and even goes to rehab. Unfortunately, the rehab did not help him overcome his drug addiction and alcoholism. The ending is very sad and will leave in tears. I highly recommend this movie because the acting was phenomenal, the music was beautiful, and the plot is very interesting. I rate this movie 9.5/10.

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