Learning a new language

My 1-month learning project of learning new Chinese characters so I can speak to more people. During the project, I learn that I learn better when I’m trying to recall rather than memorizing.


  1. Dylan, learning a new language is difficult in many aspects. To learn new Chinese characters is very impressive because it is really different from the English alphabet. I liked your video and good job for learning more Chinese!

  2. Learning language surely takes consistent practice, and it’s clear that you set aside a lot of time to dedicate to learning new words. It’s very true that language doesn’t truly stick until an immersion, but I totally understand why that was hard to accomplish in a month’s time. I also like the words that you chose to learn are applicable to basic conversations that you can actually use in the future.

  3. I really enjoyed your learning project. I really like how you had the fundamentals of learning Chinese and how you even included some words in your video so it became engaging toward the end.

  4. That’s really good how you tried learning the words without translating them first. I also liked how you read aloud and included the written words in your video.

  5. I really like the look of your website and how well formatted it is. I also how you didn’t take the easy path when you decided to learn how to learn Chinese letters. I also appreciate how you were able to figure out how you learn best

  6. I like your video. It was really well put together. I must have took ages to edit all the words on there. Between the characters, Pinyin, and pronunciations it looks like a massive amount of information to learn.

  7. I’ve only heard about the differences there are between English and Chinese, but this really puts into perspective how big those differences are! I also liked how your inspiration of learning Chinese is so you can speak to more people.

  8. That’s pretty cool that you were able to learn with only one day of practice a week. I tried learning my language about 2-3 days a week, but I still didn’t make much progress. I guess it just depends on how efficiently you use your time, but I really liked the video. You formatted it as if you were having a conversation with us, and the different placements of the words kept it engaging.

  9. Cool project!!! I liked how informal your project was, it was very entertaining and easy to follow. Chinese is one of the hardest languages to learn, supposedly, so good job! I admire the time and energy you put into this project, it really showed. Congrats on the improvement!!

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