I honestly feel like that the author is great at explaining about how to immerse yourself in any language, but I feel like that the author is trying to sell something besides the book that he’s already sold us. The start of the book kinda starts out with a story of his life and then would eventually go to steps of how to learn a language and the process that he goes through. What the author says in the book does correlate with how to learn a language and remember it. The three basic keys to language that he explains in the book such as “1. learn pronunciation first  2. don’t translate 3. Use space repetition systems” does seem practical except for number three which could be replaced with immersion in that specific language to gain a better understanding in that language. I believe that through immersion similar to the book is a step that we all can take to a higher mastery in any language since we would be using the language over and over again which can increase our fluency. Though in the story he does tie in parts of his life story to serve as a good example saying that it a sure way to gain the upper hand in any language. As a person of dual languages, it’s easy to forget the language that you don’t use anymore, so to better prepare for the future it would be a better idea to start now rather than later and spend time learning it. Thought the process the author has gone through to learn the new languages

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  1. Diverging from your opinions, I think learning pronunciation is a crucial part of understanding a language. I find it personally hard to learn how to write in a different language when you do not have proper pronunciation. I have been taking classes on how to read and write in Vietnamese for the past year now, and I find that the main cause for my spelling mistakes is my pronunciation. I think it is pronounced one way, but in fact it is totally different, messing up my spelling entirely. However, I totally agree with you that your personal language skills deteriorate pretty quickly when you don’t practice them. I haven’t been personally using Vietnamese consistently since probably 6th grade. I used to be fluent, but now, I can barely form a sentence without thinking for a second or messing up my pronunciation terribly.

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