SBC 2019 Week 8/Reflection

Hey everyone! Drawing Addict here back again(guess who’s back, back again, shadys back). I am here with my week 8 post of the Student Blogging Challenge(SBC)! I know you’re excited(not) to see what this week’s post is about! This week’s post is really just a reflection of the SBC and all of that stuff. 

I have published 11 posts in total during these 8 weeks and I am so happy with all of the comments I have been getting on them. In fact, I even got a comment from a Tech Integrator! Some of my friends and teachers have also commented on my blog! I think the best post I have written is my Week Four post mainly because of the drawing I made and the story with it. In my opinion, that is one of my best drawings which is no small accomplishment because I have so many sketchbooks filled with drawings.

Blogging has changed my life for the better because of how much it has taught me. It has been so much fun and has helped me improve in my writing. I think I am going to blog for myself(plus maybe something to do with my name…) and not just for school. If you guys are interested in seeing that when it comes out, I will make a post about it. Thank you all for reading my posts and commenting! I am glad everyone enjoys my posts and I hope you will continue to enjoy them in the future!

Drawing Addict signing off~

SBC 2019 Week 7/Holidays

Hello everyone! Drawing Addict is back with ANOTHER great post! It’s week 7 (we skipped week 6) of the Student Blogging Challenge, and this week’s challenge is going to be spectacular! For this week, we had four options to write a post about. This week’s post had to do with the holidays, so the options are obviously related to that. The first option was to write about a specific holiday (or more) that your family celebrates. The second option was to use a photo that represents a holiday and write about it, giving details about its history, and why it’s important. The third option happens to be crafts, so you can make a craft and take a photo of it to put on your blog. You would have to write about the craft, how you made it, and how is it related to the holiday (one you choose). The fourth option was to make a poem about your favorite holiday, which should be detailed. 

I, in order to live up to my name (literally), am doing a craft for this week. I am planning to sew something with fabric and a sewing machine (or maybe a hand sewing kit.) I am not completely sure what I am going to sew, but I have a feeling that it will turn out good (since I am totally a master at sewing. 😉) I think that I am going to make something related to Halloween. I guess I will have to wait and see.

(I wrote this a few days after this^)

I have decided to make a pumpkin for Halloween. I am in the middle of making it, and all I have to do now is reinforce the outside and sew on the pumpkin’s face and stem. Note that I am not a professional and my sewing machine was a little wacky when I used it. I am still getting used to using the sewing machine since I am more accustomed to hand sewing. I definitely struggled with making sure that the stuffing wouldn’t come out because of the rough sewing. You are probably wondering how I made this little project, lucky for you, I am going to tell you. I started off by grabbing one big piece of orange fabric. Then, I folded it and cut out a shape that resembles a pumpkin. Next, I turned on my sewing machine and put in some brown thread(because I didn’t have any orange thread.) 

I started using the machine to thread the outline of the fabric. While I was sewing, I left a little area to stuff with stuffing. During my sewing, I came across a slight problem. The thread in the needle was bunching up and getting stuck in the sewing machine, which halted the sewing process. I managed to get it working after a few trials and errors. I then looked over my work and found holes in the fabric, from which the sewing hadn’t been enough to close it. This resulted in me having to go over the outline of the fabric one more time and close up all the holes. When I finished the outline, I used a pencil to make some curved lines on the pumpkin to make it resemble one more.  After that, I grabbed some left-over black felt(from which I had sewn dementors with) and cut out eyes, a stem, and a mouth. I finished it off by sewing the black felt onto the pumpkin. The final result will be below!

I am afraid I could not upload a photo of my masterpiece.

I do hope you guys liked this post and enjoyed it. Don’t forget to check out my classmates’ blogs below! Have a good week! Drawing Addict out~


P.S I got 221 views on my blog! Thanks so much for reading my posts! I am very happy that I am getting so much visitors!

P.P.S I just checked my map again and I have 230 views!! Thank you all!!!

SBC 2019 Week Five/Music

Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back again with ANOTHER post and I know you are excited(I’m joking, you’re probably not) to see this week’s challenge! Here’s a wrap-up of last week; it was week four of the SBC and it was basically freestyle writing. Last week, I decided to use a writing prompt to make a short story(I also made a drawing for it and you know why.) Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to submit the link of my blog post into the google form, so I have to make up for it this week by getting this assignment over with. This week’s challenge was about music and there was a variety of options to choose from for it. You could make your own music, make a quiz about music, review music, write about an instrument, write about music and its downsides, and even making a playlist of music that you like. In this case, I wanted to be creative, so I made my own song(which, in my opinion, is really bad and too short[I don’t want to do it over again].)

 I decided to write a song about my Communications class and how amazing it is. Note that I am not a good singer and I am even worse at songwriting(so please don’t tell me how bad my song is.) My song is currently only made up of lyrics, but I will put in some ukulele in the background later to improve it. I hope you enjoy the song and I hope you like my drawing for this week(drawing the cover of the song.) I would also like to mention one more thing before I put the song. I don’t know how many times I have said this, but, once again, make sure you check out my classmates’ blogs(they are very amazing and innovative people that deserve recognition for their blogs/work!) The song will be down below along with some background information talking about how I struggled to make the song. 


While I was writing this song, I found myself struggling. I know I had chosen to make music, but it was harder than I thought. I always have catchy songs stuck in my head and it keeps me from making my own music because I am automatically putting those songs into my song. I also had no idea what to use for lyrics for the song so I had to write some good things about Communications and sing the words. It also does not help that I am really terrible at singing(at least, I think so. Other people tell me that my singing voice is better than average or is good[I don’t believe them though].) I was also using SoundTrap to make the music, but the thing is, is that SoundTrap is completely new to me. I have never used SoundTrap before this, so I did struggle with how to manage and work it. I managed to pull through though and I am happy that I am finally done with it. I hope you all liked this post and enjoyed this week’s challenge. That’s all for this week! Drawing Addict out~

P.S I will put in the drawing and background music in the song later~

P.P.S I just put in the background music in the song and I may have redid some recordings to make it sound better~

SBC 2019 Week Four

Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back(in black) with another post for the Student Blogging Challenge! This weeks’ challenge is a bit different from the other 3 weeks, but I am going to make the best of it! The assignment for this week was to either write a freestyle post or use a writing prompt to make a story. I, being a book lover and an author, decided to use a writing prompt(although, I did a drawing with it too[don’t act surprised, I know you’re not].) For this week, I decided to go somewhere different for my writing, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and expand my writing style(so you should expect it to be kind of evil[which I am not, by the way].) You can read the story below along with the writing prompt that I used to create it. I will put the drawing I made above the story and I hope it makes sense to all of my visitors(which I am very proud to say that I have a total of 149 pageviews on my blog.)


“Today, I am going to teach you how to fly…” 

“Today, I am going to teach you how to fly towards your destiny.” The mother bird spoke gently to her children, who were waiting in anticipation for the good news. Her children jumped up and down in excitement at the news. They were finally going to fly! “Over here, come on children!” The mother ushered her chick over to the edge of the branch. “Now, flying is very important. If you can’t fly, then you cannot reach your destiny and will forever be stuck on the ground. You won’t be able to survive without being able to fly. Do not worry though, that is why I will show you how.” The mother bird spoke, looking fondly at her chicks. One by one, each chick was ordered to jump off the branch with the mother right beside them. 

Cana went first. The mother jumped off at the same time as her and watched her as she flapped her wings to try and fly. Cana stumbled, beginning to fall. The mother caught her with one wing and spoke. “Take a moment and relax. When you fly, you must be calm.” Cana listened to her instructions and slowly, began to fly. Her wings took her up and up, soaring into the baby blue sky. She laughed as she freewheeled her way through the sky. The mother flew back up to the branch and had the others follow what Cana did. She had Juniper go last since Juniper was the runt of her nest of children. When Juniper was born, everyone knew that he was the runt; he had all the traits: a tiny frame, very quiet, not much growth, terrified of everyone(excluding his family) and everything. Juniper had burnt orange feathers that were tinted with a brown pigment. Junipers wings and tail feathers were both orange and brown, whilst his stomach was pearly white.

“Okay, Juniper. It’s your turn,” The mother spoke softly. Junipers eyes grew fearful, he did not want to fly; he was worried that something was going to happen. “Do I have to? I’m scared.” He asked, his whole body trembling. The mother’s eyes mitigated as she made up a quick, but supportive reply. “Juniper, once you learn to fly, there will be nothing to stop you from reaching a great future. I swear it’s not as hard as you think it is. It is very simple and I will be there with you every moment that you are in the air. I will make sure that you are as safe as a baby kangaroo that is being protected by its mother.” Juniper became less afraid at his mother’s words, but there was still a tiny sliver of fear inside him. He reluctantly trekked towards the edge of the branch, his mother right behind him. 

Juniper closed his eyes for a second, taking a moment to comprehend the situation. He let each claw hang off of the edge one by one, before he finally leaped into the air. The mother was expecting him to soar up into the clouds with her other children as she followed him. Juniper was panicking, he didn’t know what to do as he quickly plummeted towards the ground, which was ready to meet him. “FLAP YOUR WINGS AND MAKE SURE YOU BELIEVE.” The mother shouted, already zooming down to catch him before he made contact with the ground. Yet, Juniper was so anxious and panicky that he could not do anything except wail as the distance between him and the ground grew closer and closer. It was clear to her that he was not getting it; he was struggling to fly. Her eyes flashed with worry as she dove after Juniper, her speed increasing with every time her eyes blinked. 

All of the sudden, everything grew silent; the children were not yipping happily anymore, the trees stopped rustling, the wind became non-existent, and Juniper stopped wailing. All you could hear, in all of the silence, was a loud CRUNCH. The noise took the mother’s breath away as she turned to face where Juniper was. Her eyes widened in horror at what lay before her. She landed on the ground, bowing her solemnly as she stared at her child. Laid on the ground, in bad condition, was Juniper. His wing was bent at an odd angle and blood was seeping out of the wound, wherever it was. The mother speedily scooped the runt of the children in her wings and flew to the worn nest. When the young chick finally awoke from his slumber, the mother had to break the news to him.

“Juniper- You won’t be able to fly anymore. Your wing was broken. You won’t be able to fly towards your destiny.” The mother spoke, her eyes sunken with what Juniper assumed was grief and regret. It took a moment for Juniper to understand what his mother meant and when he did, he was devastated. Juniper sat in the nest, forever watching everyone else fly away to great things. He would be forever alone in the nest, always fantasizing about what would have happened if he could have flown. 


That’s all I wrote, I hope you guys enjoyed this post for this week. Also, before I end this post, I would like to notify you guys once more about something. I would like it if you guys could check out my classmates’ blogs below; they all are super amazing and they deserve a bunch of recognition for their work on their blogs! That’s all for this week’s post! Drawing Addict out~

SBC 2019 Week Three Challenge/Fun With Photos

Hello everyone! This may seem a little early, but Drawing Addict is back again with another post! In this case, yes, it’s true, it’s Week Three of the Student Blogging Challenge! For this week’s challenge, we were assigned the job to do one of three things. 1. Take a photo of something in your surroundings. 2. Draw something and take a photo of it. 3. Use “Photos for Class” to find an image. Each one of my classmates chose one to do for the challenge. I just so happened to decide on doing a drawing(honestly, if you don’t know why, I am not even going to try to explain). If anyone is confused, you can just take a picture of a drawing you made a while ago, it does not have to be recent. I inserted a drawing of the Sorting Hat that I made sometime in September. The assignment stated that after we have an image, we had to put on a google doc and either write a story starter for it or write a poem. I, being the writer I am, decided to write a story starter. Obviously, it was about the Sorting Ceremony. If you really want to see the drawing and the story, it’ll be below for you to survey.

So this is my drawing of the Sorting Hat. It is not the best, but it was definitely something since I only worked on this drawing for about 5 minutes. Imagine if I did one of those things on youtube that are like drawings in 5 minutes vs drawings in 5 hours. I would probably do worse on the longer one than the shorter one. Anyway, the story starter is down below.

As the Sorting Hat sat rigidly on the round, rusty, old stool, the First Years finally arrived in the Great Hall. As name after name was called, the sorting hat was growing more and more exhausted. Finally, after waiting for about 20 minutes, the final student was called. “Talinian, Aidan!” From the crowd, came a young boy, whose eyes were darting around nervously as the whispers grew louder. The boy walked over to the stool, his whole body stiff from anxiety. The young boy gently set himself on the rough, splintered stool. ‘Well, well, well, what do we have here? Such a great mind, ambitious for sure… and.. Very loyal, I see…. Slytherin would help you find your destiny… but, Hufflepuff is just as promising….’ 

’Just put me in Hufflepuff.’ The boy thought to the hat, desperate. The boy held his breath as the Sorting Hat made its final decision. ‘Hmmm…. Better be…. SLYTHERPUFF!’ The Sorting Hat yelled, his voice echoing across the Great Hall. Silence filled the room, no one moved until at last, Headmaster Dumbledore stood up from his seat and trekked towards the nervous boy. He rested a hand on the boys shoulder as he spoke calmly, “It seems you are different. Don’t you worry, my boy. You will have a different set of Hogwarts’ robes. Do you know what this means? It means you are the bridge between Hufflepuff and Slytherin, you can help unify these two houses.” The young boy trembled as he stood up abruptly on his wobbly legs. He slowly trotted over to the Hufflepuff table and sat down at the end, away from all the others. 

Make sure you guys check out my classmates’ blogs in the links below!

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed my post and have a good week! Drawing Addict out~

How to Comment/SBC 2019 Blogging Challenge Week Two

Hello everyone! Drawing Addict is back with another post, but this time, it’s for the second week of the Student Blogging Challenge! As most of you know, the second week consists of doing videos(or not) for two different things. The two different things consist of a How to Comment video(or something else) and Commenting Guidelines. In this case, my class is not doing both, instead, each one of us gets to decide on which one we want to do. If you haven’t guessed, I decided to draw out mine(if you can’t tell why by my blog name and my interests.) I have also decided to form a video on How to Comment, but I still drew a piece of art for it since I wanted to be creative with it.

If you are sitting on the edge of your seat(or bed or wherever you are) in anticipation to see the video and my art, they will be below in a link. I also hope all of my viewers will take a look at my classmates’ when they have theirs posted. I’ll explain how I thought of the art I drew below the video. Watch the video first and then you can look below for an explanation of my drawing(that is only if you really want an explanation.)

As you could see in the video, my drawing was of an eye. You might be wondering why I chose this drawing or you might be confused. I thought of this drawing while I was sitting at a desk, I had at first thought of drawing the steps in a word pyramid. I realized my first idea was not really efficient and it seemed sort of childish, so I continued to think. I eventually ended up with the idea of drawing an eye because I was doing the How to Comment video. The idea was significant because I realized that whenever someone posts a comment, anyone can see it. How do people see? That’s right, with their eyes, so I decided to do a drawing of an eye and a reflection in it. The reflection is supposed to be of a screen, but instead of putting comments from a blog, I put the steps for How to Comment. Then I made a video and did some editing(I struggled a bit, even though I was using WeVideo) and then created this post.

That’s all for now! Drawing Addict out~

P.S I will be back soon with more posts

P.P.S Thanks for all the views guys(and girls, and any one that feels neither or both or however you feel), I just checked and I saw 80 views! I am so happy!

P.P.S I removed the video.

My Spidey Avatar

Drawing Addict is back with another post and an announcement! Week one of the Student Blogging Challenge is upon us! Up above is my spider-tacular Web Warrior, the coolest spider human in the world(just kidding, not really). My spidey senses are tingling, is yours? That’s right, if you haven’t guessed, my favorite color is purple. My favorite shade of purple happens to be lavender. As you can see, my Avatar has brown hair since it is obviously based off of me. I created this Web Warrior because I absolutely adore the different spideys, for example the Peter Parkers’, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, Peni Parker, Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Ham. From my interests in the spideys, you should assume correctly that I am a huge Marvel fan. I have watched all of the movies created by Marvel and I absolutely love them! I am fanatic for Marvel, so please don’t ask me what my favorite is, since I love all of them(even Endgame and Infinity War, no matter how much it breaks my heart). I’d like to think that this avatar represents me the best, but I’m sure there are other avatars I could have made that would do better. I genuinely adore this avatar, whether the fact that it’s purple, or the fact that it is a spider human. Do avatars interest you? You can pop in to the slideshow below with all of the avatars made by my classmates! I am super excited for the Student Blogging Challenge! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me! You can take a look at the slideshow below to see a few other ideas on avatars for some inspiration for yours. If you want to make your own, I even put in a hyperlink on my slide that leads straight to some games. Enjoy!

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