COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone! I am back with an update on COVID-19. If you haven’t read my first post on this topic, then I suggest you read that first before you continue reading this. I am afraid to tell you that the death count caused by corona has in fact increased. The death count was recently updated Sunday, March 22, or in other words, TODAY. The updated death count has unfortunately risen to 12,944 deaths, compared to what it used to when I made the first post on corona. In the past FIVE days, there has been more than 7,000 deaths by corona. And as of today, there has been 294, 110 cases that have been DIAGNOSED. Imagine how many more cases there are that HAVEN’T been diagnosed. In fact, there are 186 countries that have territories or areas with confirmed cases.


China :81499 cases

Italy :53578 cases

Spain :24926 cases

Iran (Islamic Republic of) :21638 cases

Germany :21463 cases

United States of America :15219 cases

France :14296 cases

Republic of Korea :8897 cases

Switzerland :6077 cases

The United Kingdom :5018 cases

Netherlands :3631 cases

Austria :3024 cases

Belgium :2815 cases

Norway :1926 cases

Sweden :1746 cases

Denmark :1326 cases

Portugal :1280 cases

Malaysia :1183 cases

Australia :1098 cases

Canada :1048 cases

Japan :1046 cases

Czechia :995 cases

Turkey :947 cases

Brazil :904 cases

Israel :883 cases

Ireland :785 cases

International conveyance (Diamond Princess) :712 cases

Luxembourg :670 cases

Pakistan :646 cases

Thailand :599 cases

Poland :536 cases

Greece :530 cases

Finland :521 cases

Indonesia :514 cases

Saudi Arabia :511 cases

Ecuador :506 cases

Qatar :481 cases

Iceland :473 cases

Chile :434 cases

Singapore :432 cases

Slovenia :383 cases

Philippines :380 cases

Romania :367 cases

India :341 cases

Bahrain :334 cases

Peru :318 cases

Estonia :306 cases

Russian Federation :306 cases

Egypt :294 cases

Lebanon :248 cases

South Africa :240 cases

Iraq :233 cases

Croatia :206 cases

Serbia :197 cases

Colombia :196 cases

Kuwait :188 cases

Slovakia :178 cases

Mexico :164 cases

Bulgaria :163 cases

Armenia :160 cases

Argentina :158 cases

United Arab Emirates :153 cases

San Marino :151 cases

Algeria :139 cases

Panama :137 cases

Hungary :131 cases

Latvia :124 cases

Costa Rica :113 cases

Morocco :109 cases

Lithuania :105 cases

Jordan :99 cases

Viet Nam :94 cases

Uruguay :94 cases

Bosnia and Herzegovina :92 cases

Faroe Islands :92 cases

Andorra :88 cases

North Macedonia :85 cases

Cyprus :84 cases

Brunei Darussalam :83 cases

Republic of Moldova :80 cases

Albania :76 cases

Belarus :76 cases

Tunisia :75 cases

Burkina Faso :75 cases

Malta :73 cases

Sri Lanka :72 cases

Dominican Republic :72 cases

New Zealand :66 cases

occupied Palestinian territory :59 cases

Kazakhstan :56 cases

Senegal :56 cases

Oman :55 cases

Cambodia :53 cases

Azerbaijan :53 cases

Guadeloupe :51 cases

Georgia :49 cases

Ukraine :47 cases

Réunion :47 cases

Liechtenstein :36 cases

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) :36 cases

Afghanistan :34 cases

Uzbekistan :33 cases

Martinique :32 cases

Cameroon :27 cases

Bangladesh :24 cases

Honduras :24 cases

Democratic Republic of the Congo :23 cases

Nigeria :22 cases

Puerto Rico :21 cases

Bolivia (Plurinational State of) :19 cases

Ghana :19 cases

Monaco :18 cases

Paraguay :18 cases

Rwanda :17 cases

Cuba :16 cases

Jamaica :16 cases

French Polynesia :15 cases

Guam :15 cases

French Guiana :15 cases

Togo :15 cases

Kyrgyzstan :14 cases

Montenegro :14 cases

Maldives :13 cases

Jersey :12 cases

Guatemala :12 cases

Mauritius :12 cases

Mayotte :11 cases

Mongolia :10 cases

Gibraltar :10 cases

Trinidad and Tobago :9 cases

Côte d’Ivoire :9 cases

Ethiopia :9 cases

Kenya :7 cases

Seychelles :7 cases

United States Virgin Islands :6 cases

Equatorial Guinea :6 cases

Gabon :6 cases

United Republic of Tanzania :6 cases

Aruba :5 cases

Barbados :5 cases

Guyana :5 cases

New Caledonia :4 cases

Bahamas :4 cases

Saint Martin :4 cases

Congo :4 cases

Cayman Islands :3 cases

Curacao :3 cases

Saint Barthelemy :3 cases

Cabo Verde :3 cases

Central African Republic :3 cases

Liberia :3 cases

Madagascar :3 cases

Namibia :3 cases

Fiji :2 cases

Greenland :2 cases

Isle of Man :2 cases

Bhutan :2 cases

Sudan :2 cases

Bermuda :2 cases

Haiti :2 cases

Nicaragua :2 cases

Saint Lucia :2 cases

Suriname :2 cases

Angola :2 cases

Benin :2 cases

Guinea :2 cases

Mauritania :2 cases

Zambia :2 cases

Zimbabwe :2 cases

Papua New Guinea :1 case

Guernsey :1 case

Holy See :1 case

Nepal :1 case

Timor-Leste :1 case

Djibouti :1 case

Somalia :1 case

Antigua and Barbuda :1 case

El Salvador :1 case

Montserrat :1 case

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :1 case

Sint Maarten :1 case

Chad :1 case

Eritrea :1 case

Eswatini :1 case

Gambia :1 case

Niger :1 case

Uganda :1 case

That is all the cases around the globe. Keep in mind that the information in italics is not mine. I did not form nor collect any of this data that was displayed. However, if you would like more information, go check out my source for this update. I will insert the link to the website I used so you all can check on the recent updates yourself. < here is the link to my source so you can check yourself. I hope you all stay safe out there and be extra cautious with skin contact. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly as often as you can in order to keep yourself from getting COVID-19. Make sure to distance yourself from others because anyone could have corona. I am sure I will give you all another update later.

Stay safe!

-Drawing Addict out~

3 Thoughts.

  1. Once again, I need to simply say, “Wow, Nadia!” You’ve done a great deal of research, and those numbers are quite troubling. My hope is that the cases will start to decrease once we get a handle on ensuring that all individuals are social distancing or isolating themselves to avoid passing it to others. Thank you for keeping us updated and for sharing your story on the last blog post.
    I miss your sweet, sunny smile very much!
    Mrs. Sheridan

  2. Nadia,
    I don’t know what to say about this post. While it’s not very fun, it’s very real. I’m glad you’re not hiding from what’s happening in the world right now. I’m not necessarily trying to hide form it, I’m just not actively trying to learn about it. These are some scary times we live in, and this post was very informative. I’m glad not every country has thousands of cases. Those single-digit numbers were the ones that startled me. All I’ve heard recently has been “thousands of cases,” or “cases going up!” It’s nice to think that, somewhere in the world, some people might not be panicking as much.

    Thanks for the update, stay safe and healthy!

    • Emma,
      I am glad you even read this post. I hope you are doing alright in dire times like these. I also hope you have been catching up on schoolwork like me, it’s a big struggle. As far as I’m concerned, we are not going back to school until next year where we will be going to HIGH SCHOOL and not going back to RBMS. I just wish that we could go back to school. I hope you are doing fine and tell Lily that I hope she’s okay too.
      Stay safe,

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