SBC 2019 Week 8/Reflection

Hey everyone! Drawing Addict here back again(guess who’s back, back again, shadys back). I am here with my week 8 post of the Student Blogging Challenge(SBC)! I know you’re excited(not) to see what this week’s post is about! This week’s post is really just a reflection of the SBC and all of that stuff. 

I have published 11 posts in total during these 8 weeks and I am so happy with all of the comments I have been getting on them. In fact, I even got a comment from a Tech Integrator! Some of my friends and teachers have also commented on my blog! I think the best post I have written is my Week Four post mainly because of the drawing I made and the story with it. In my opinion, that is one of my best drawings which is no small accomplishment because I have so many sketchbooks filled with drawings.

Blogging has changed my life for the better because of how much it has taught me. It has been so much fun and has helped me improve in my writing. I think I am going to blog for myself(plus maybe something to do with my name…) and not just for school. If you guys are interested in seeing that when it comes out, I will make a post about it. Thank you all for reading my posts and commenting! I am glad everyone enjoys my posts and I hope you will continue to enjoy them in the future!

Drawing Addict signing off~

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