SBC 2019 Week Five/Music

Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back again with ANOTHER post and I know you are excited(I’m joking, you’re probably not) to see this week’s challenge! Here’s a wrap-up of last week; it was week four of the SBC and it was basically freestyle writing. Last week, I decided to use a writing prompt to make a short story(I also made a drawing for it and you know why.) Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to submit the link of my blog post into the google form, so I have to make up for it this week by getting this assignment over with. This week’s challenge was about music and there was a variety of options to choose from for it. You could make your own music, make a quiz about music, review music, write about an instrument, write about music and its downsides, and even making a playlist of music that you like. In this case, I wanted to be creative, so I made my own song(which, in my opinion, is really bad and too short[I don’t want to do it over again].)

 I decided to write a song about my Communications class and how amazing it is. Note that I am not a good singer and I am even worse at songwriting(so please don’t tell me how bad my song is.) My song is currently only made up of lyrics, but I will put in some ukulele in the background later to improve it. I hope you enjoy the song and I hope you like my drawing for this week(drawing the cover of the song.) I would also like to mention one more thing before I put the song. I don’t know how many times I have said this, but, once again, make sure you check out my classmates’ blogs(they are very amazing and innovative people that deserve recognition for their blogs/work!) The song will be down below along with some background information talking about how I struggled to make the song. 


While I was writing this song, I found myself struggling. I know I had chosen to make music, but it was harder than I thought. I always have catchy songs stuck in my head and it keeps me from making my own music because I am automatically putting those songs into my song. I also had no idea what to use for lyrics for the song so I had to write some good things about Communications and sing the words. It also does not help that I am really terrible at singing(at least, I think so. Other people tell me that my singing voice is better than average or is good[I don’t believe them though].) I was also using SoundTrap to make the music, but the thing is, is that SoundTrap is completely new to me. I have never used SoundTrap before this, so I did struggle with how to manage and work it. I managed to pull through though and I am happy that I am finally done with it. I hope you all liked this post and enjoyed this week’s challenge. That’s all for this week! Drawing Addict out~

P.S I will put in the drawing and background music in the song later~

P.P.S I just put in the background music in the song and I may have redid some recordings to make it sound better~

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    • Hello Nerdy Avocado!
      Thanks! I don’t know why you think my voice is good, but I heard that a person can’t hear what their voice actually sounds like and everyone else can, so maybe I am good. I am sure that your voice isn’t bad either! I am glad you enjoyed this post(it took forever to make.)
      Thanks for checking out my blog,

  1. Nadia,
    I just love that you took on the challenge of writing your own song, and, of course, I think it was particularly awesome that it is about the topic of Communications. Your voice is beautiful, and just to show you the voice of someone who can’t sing, I’ll share a tune or two with you one of these days, as long as you promise not to laugh.
    You are so creative in such a wide variety of ways, and this class has allowed me see you express yourself so beautifully. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring to your blog posts. Each week, I find your posts so interesting.
    As always, nice work!
    Mrs. Sheridan

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