SBC 2019 Week Four

Hey everyone! Drawing Addict is back(in black) with another post for the Student Blogging Challenge! This weeks’ challenge is a bit different from the other 3 weeks, but I am going to make the best of it! The assignment for this week was to either write a freestyle post or use a writing prompt to make a story. I, being a book lover and an author, decided to use a writing prompt(although, I did a drawing with it too[don’t act surprised, I know you’re not].) For this week, I decided to go somewhere different for my writing, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and expand my writing style(so you should expect it to be kind of evil[which I am not, by the way].) You can read the story below along with the writing prompt that I used to create it. I will put the drawing I made above the story and I hope it makes sense to all of my visitors(which I am very proud to say that I have a total of 149 pageviews on my blog.)


“Today, I am going to teach you how to fly…” 

“Today, I am going to teach you how to fly towards your destiny.” The mother bird spoke gently to her children, who were waiting in anticipation for the good news. Her children jumped up and down in excitement at the news. They were finally going to fly! “Over here, come on children!” The mother ushered her chick over to the edge of the branch. “Now, flying is very important. If you can’t fly, then you cannot reach your destiny and will forever be stuck on the ground. You won’t be able to survive without being able to fly. Do not worry though, that is why I will show you how.” The mother bird spoke, looking fondly at her chicks. One by one, each chick was ordered to jump off the branch with the mother right beside them. 

Cana went first. The mother jumped off at the same time as her and watched her as she flapped her wings to try and fly. Cana stumbled, beginning to fall. The mother caught her with one wing and spoke. “Take a moment and relax. When you fly, you must be calm.” Cana listened to her instructions and slowly, began to fly. Her wings took her up and up, soaring into the baby blue sky. She laughed as she freewheeled her way through the sky. The mother flew back up to the branch and had the others follow what Cana did. She had Juniper go last since Juniper was the runt of her nest of children. When Juniper was born, everyone knew that he was the runt; he had all the traits: a tiny frame, very quiet, not much growth, terrified of everyone(excluding his family) and everything. Juniper had burnt orange feathers that were tinted with a brown pigment. Junipers wings and tail feathers were both orange and brown, whilst his stomach was pearly white.

“Okay, Juniper. It’s your turn,” The mother spoke softly. Junipers eyes grew fearful, he did not want to fly; he was worried that something was going to happen. “Do I have to? I’m scared.” He asked, his whole body trembling. The mother’s eyes mitigated as she made up a quick, but supportive reply. “Juniper, once you learn to fly, there will be nothing to stop you from reaching a great future. I swear it’s not as hard as you think it is. It is very simple and I will be there with you every moment that you are in the air. I will make sure that you are as safe as a baby kangaroo that is being protected by its mother.” Juniper became less afraid at his mother’s words, but there was still a tiny sliver of fear inside him. He reluctantly trekked towards the edge of the branch, his mother right behind him. 

Juniper closed his eyes for a second, taking a moment to comprehend the situation. He let each claw hang off of the edge one by one, before he finally leaped into the air. The mother was expecting him to soar up into the clouds with her other children as she followed him. Juniper was panicking, he didn’t know what to do as he quickly plummeted towards the ground, which was ready to meet him. “FLAP YOUR WINGS AND MAKE SURE YOU BELIEVE.” The mother shouted, already zooming down to catch him before he made contact with the ground. Yet, Juniper was so anxious and panicky that he could not do anything except wail as the distance between him and the ground grew closer and closer. It was clear to her that he was not getting it; he was struggling to fly. Her eyes flashed with worry as she dove after Juniper, her speed increasing with every time her eyes blinked. 

All of the sudden, everything grew silent; the children were not yipping happily anymore, the trees stopped rustling, the wind became non-existent, and Juniper stopped wailing. All you could hear, in all of the silence, was a loud CRUNCH. The noise took the mother’s breath away as she turned to face where Juniper was. Her eyes widened in horror at what lay before her. She landed on the ground, bowing her solemnly as she stared at her child. Laid on the ground, in bad condition, was Juniper. His wing was bent at an odd angle and blood was seeping out of the wound, wherever it was. The mother speedily scooped the runt of the children in her wings and flew to the worn nest. When the young chick finally awoke from his slumber, the mother had to break the news to him.

“Juniper- You won’t be able to fly anymore. Your wing was broken. You won’t be able to fly towards your destiny.” The mother spoke, her eyes sunken with what Juniper assumed was grief and regret. It took a moment for Juniper to understand what his mother meant and when he did, he was devastated. Juniper sat in the nest, forever watching everyone else fly away to great things. He would be forever alone in the nest, always fantasizing about what would have happened if he could have flown. 


That’s all I wrote, I hope you guys enjoyed this post for this week. Also, before I end this post, I would like to notify you guys once more about something. I would like it if you guys could check out my classmates’ blogs below; they all are super amazing and they deserve a bunch of recognition for their work on their blogs! That’s all for this week’s post! Drawing Addict out~

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