Clientele of a Business

I sent my communication to Ms. Morales at the company Independent Project Analysis. She works at the same company as the person that I interviewed, so I thought it was fitting to send to her as well. She works in a business so she understands from my original perspective, but she also is a client for other businesses so she can also relate to my new audience. The purpose of my research is to help clients choose the right business to partner with and consider all options. My rhetorical situation influenced my genre because it allowed me to write about an informed topic that could potentially help clientele and other companies decide which businesses may or may not be a good fit for them.

I decided to make a Google Site because I am familiar with the formatting and believed that is was straightforward and something that many people could follow. At first, I was not sure how I wanted to categorize the pages since I had so much information and so little subfields that I wanted to include. I tried to eliminate the information that I thought was irrelevant and kept what I believed made the topic. For my pictures, I wanted them to be broad so that the audience could imagine it for themselves, but also demonstrate what I wanted to say. It was difficult for me to use a lot of the same sentences that I had previously written in my first research paper since I was directing it to a new audience, so I ended up rephrasing and rewording most of my topics to fit.

Holiday Seasons

Once October hits, the string of seasons follow. First there’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas (or whatever winter holiday one celebrates). For me, Christmas preparation starts once the holiday grind comes into full force. When people talk about costumes or turkey, my mind is already preparing for presents and trees. It may seem silly to rush such a festive time, but Christmas has always been huge for my family and is the biggest holiday of the year. Of course I love the candy and pumpkin carving and the massive feast to be thankful for, but something about a white, snowy night while decorating a Christmas tree and drinking hot chocolate sounds like heaven to me.

This year, I have made it my goal not to listen to Christmas music until November first. Usually it is playing starting in September, but I want the seasonal feeling to last long this year. I do not want to tire out the holiday classics before the season even starts, so I am trying to enjoy every holiday, one at a time, this year.

It also seems crazy how these are our last holidays at home. Of course we will come home to visit and celebrate the special times, but we won’t really be at home anymore. There may not be time to carve a pumpkin, or help string the lights around the house and that is sad. That is why I would like to take in every single holiday this year and stay in the moment so I can remember the feeling of being a kid for a little longer.

College Applications

I am over having to tell every adult that I run into which colleges I am applying to. You would think that they would recall the immense stress that goes on around this time, but it appears that they don’t. I will be going on about my day minding my own business when all of a sudden I hear those dreadful words “have you submitted your applications yet?”. It seems as if it is a competition between students and parents of who will be done first or who’s child will be accepted the fastest. If I’m being honest, I am not in any rush to submit mine right away. I am a perfectionist, so I want to take my time completing them before sending them away to who knows where. I have most of mine completed, but there are always those people who try to make you feel rushed or behind and it never fails to stress me out.

The only thing going through my mind is second semester when everything is completed and it is just a waiting game. No more questions, no more deadlines, just patiently waiting. Then will come the questions of “where did you get in?” or “have you decided where you are going yet?”. It seems as if the questions will never end. I do, however, feel confident that I am on track and confident with my work so far. I am very excited to see where my classmates and I end up even if the process of getting there takes forever.

Compare and Contrast

We compared and contrasted a Starburst and a Hershey Kiss in class. By doing this, we noticed how the textures differ once consumed. The Starburst was extremely sticky and taffy like, while the Hershey Kiss melted in your mouth and was smooth to the touch. Starbursts are believed to be so sticky because once consumed by a child, it lasts longer and they do not crave another piece so soon. They are also less of a mess so that part appeals to parents especially. Hershey Kisses, however, appeal more to adults because they can handle the mess of the meltiness. They also represent love for holidays, such as Valentines Day, which is celebrated mainly by adults. The shape is also more complex which can be noticed by adults. Both of them are sweet and delicious to many. They are both classified as candy, small and individually wrapped. These candies might have many differences, but there are also similarities once further analysed.

Throughout this experience, I noticed how easy it is to find the similarities and differences between certain objects. When first looking at the food, all one notices is the difference in chocolate versus gummy or the similarity in candy, but once broken down further, you will notice there is more than what first meets the eye. This has helped me learn how making lists can benefit and strengthen a piece of writing by going further into detail and challenging a writer to think deeper into the meaning of an object.

Writing Theory

The four writing theories that were discussed are revision, general theory, brainstorming, and free writing. Revision is planning ho to edit or improve an author’s writing. You can make changes and fixes to increase the difficulty of your piece. General theory is a broad range of writing that can relate to multiple categories. Brainstorming is the process put into the writing by the author. It can also be listing off ideas that will contribute to the writing. Lastly, free writing is going with your thoughts and coming up with ideas as you continue to write. You think as you write instead of planning before.

I have revised, brainstormed, and have even attempted freewriting. For most of my writing, I prefer to use revision and brainstorming to help me come up with ideas and edit them once my thoughts have been expressed. I have used general theory the least out of all of them because I am not as familiar with it, but am still open to talking about it. I also believe that you should relate your writing to the reader to make it feel more personal and offer a connection. Out of the posters in class, there was not a specific one that I enjoyed the most, but the posters about revision were easy to comprehend and got straight to the point.I favor brainstorming the most because I am able to plan out what I want to say and make my writing organized.

The writing theories have allowed me to take different approaches to the writing process that I might not have thought about previously. I can allow myself to write about a topic in multiple different ways in order to draw all of the detail and evidence to make my writing stronger.

A Memory From My Childhood

I can still remember the horrid day when I got lost in Disney World. It was a cloudy, November Day and I was wearing pink camouflage plants with a short sleeve shirt. I could hardly wait to ride the Tower of Terror, so I ran ahead of my family to arrive there first. When I turned around to get in line with them, they were gone. My seven year old body was frozen with fear. I genuinely believed that was the last I would see of my family. I walked up to a worker to ask if they could help me find my mom and dad, but he did not speak english. A father and his daughter saw the concerned looks upon both of our faces, and headed in our direction to see what was wrong. He first asked me what my name was and what happend. Next, he asked me what my moms phone number was, but all knowledge left me the second I was alone, so I ended up telling him my student lunch code instead of useful information. For the next hour, the park was on lockdown, no one in or out, while officers were searching the park for me. I was walking with the family that had found me when all of a sudden someone picked me up and started running. I looked to see who it was and it was my uncle. Tears of happiness filled my eyes and I clung onto him as tightly as I could. When I saw the look on my parents faces when they saw me, I knew everything was going to be okay. From that day on, I knew never to leave the side of my parents and haven’t gotten lost since.

Organic Object

Onion, The way your pungent smell fills the room is impressive. You make yourself known when you enter a room. You have so many layer that are just waiting to be peeled back to discover what is hidden underneath. Your orange and yellow color reminds me of the flames of a warm fall fire. It is like a fire during Halloween that warms the october night. The dead roots sprung from the top crunch like the fall leaves. The leaves that you jump into after your dad rakes them all up. You are so round, you could roll off of my desk as I am writing this with just a subtle push. The ball-like shape you are would be good for throwing and catching almost like a baseball. The layers, once you get inside, cause my eyes to burn and water. It is like you want me to feel the pain I am causing you. The taste you leave on my tongue is potent, but I still consume you with most meals. Your smell has turned more sweet like a stew with cooked vegetables. My grandmother makes stupendous stew with cooked meat, potatoes, onion, carrots, and sometimes green beans. You have started to peel now, like you are ready for your once vivid life to end. Life coming to an end is sad. The older someone or something gets, the shorter their time is left. Time is not only measured in distance, but also in experience and the things one encounters on in life. What does this all have to do with an onion? That is up for interpretation. 

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