Marketing In The World

I sent my Google Site presentation to my cousin, Analu Varcarcel, whom I interviewed for my initial research paper. I chose her because she is the one who sparked an interest in me about Marketing. During our interview she told me how that the basic concept of Marketing is finding out peoples’ wants and their needs. This made me wonder how exactly did companies think of clever ways to pull in potential customers, and keep their existing ones. My intended audience was for people like me, people who are curious in finding out what strategies are used in Marketing ad maybe pursuing it as a future career. I decided to create a Google Site because it is easily accessible to anyone to view. I felt that a site was the best way I could get my information out there. The tabs keeps my topics separate and organized. If a person was curious about a specific top in Marketing they could easily click a tab and read about that information. I wanted to get my point across more easy and efficient, not too complicated so that a reader would ster away. I made it simple yet very informative for all to read.

Appreciating Life

Some people might say that their biggest fear is clowns or spiders; however, my biggest fear is death. Some might say, how exactly can you be afraid of death? Being scared of something that you can’t physically touch or see might seem a bit silly but for me the thought of death scares me. The fact that at any given moment you can be gone frightens me. That’s why I love living in the moment. Some might say the saying “You Only Live Once” is cheesy, however, I truly live by that. I like living each day to the fullest and have no regrets. One day that really made me appreciate life is the last day of summer before going into my senior year We were all at my friend, blake’s house, and we were just all goofing off doing reckless things teenagers do. I remember thinking at that moment sitting in his basement that at this moment I am the happiest I can be and to appreciate the little things like hanging out with your friends and doing nothing but just goofing around with your friends. Even the little moments in life I like to appreciate because you just never know when it can all go way in a blink of an eye. Yes, the thought of death is scary to think about but because of that I truly believe that you should appreciate life more and open your eyes and be grateful about how truly blessed you are. 


Something I always look forward to every year was homecoming. Homecoming week was also one of my favorites, dressing up and seeing everyone go all out was amusing to see. During homecoming week it was also very stressful. Getting last minute dress alterations, accessories, nails the whole process can be exciting yet very stressful. I remember my first homecoming experience and little me being so excited to go to my first high school dance. Fast forward to my last year I was so thrilled to go to my last homecoming. One of my favorite dress up days was the last day, class colors. I remember each year seeing the seniors dress up in togas and being jealous that they get to dress up and togas and be different from the rest of the school, and having to experience that was a sense of relief knowing it was our last year but also depressing knowing I won’t be able to experience this again. Homecoming day for me was also very fun. My brother had come back home to visit and celebrate my last homecoming. That morning I couldn’t wait to go to the dance but I knew that I just had to make it through just a couple more hours. Homecoming for me will always be something I remember from high school and will always be very memorable and special to me. Even though I will never get to experience homecoming again I will always have pictures to look back on.

The Thought of College

The thought of applying to college has always scared me. Last year when someone mentioned the word “college” I would immediately try to change the subject. The thought of leaving the place you’ve called home for so long and being on your own scared me. Being so far from your friends and family made me anxious. However, when I started to think more about the thought of leaving it gave me a sense of relief. Going to college is a new beginning for everyone. Getting new friends,  a new place to call home, and a brand new community. You practically get to start over and be a better version of yourself. You get to meet new people who are just like you, and trying to survive their first year of college. You get to experience the freedom of not having your parents on your back 24/7. You get the chance to experience new things. Yes, the process of applying to college can be very scary. From getting teacher recommendations to writing your college essay. To patiently waiting to see if you actually get into college, it can be intimidating for some. Especially for ones that don’t know what they are doing, but I am very grateful to have a brother that has been through the process and can help guide me through it. Even though the process is long and stressful, at the end it is so worth it. Now whenever someone mentions the word ”college” the only thing I feel is excitement. Excited to continue on with my life and get to experience college.

High School Artifact

The artifact I brought in today is a picture of the first night my friends and I hung out at our friend Mikey’s house. Liz, Colette, Robert, Jakob and I all decided it would be a great idea for all of us to hangout. This night is memorable to me because we were all friends, however, we never all hung out together so all coming together that night was really fun. We stayed up all night goofing around and laughing all night long. This night brought us all closer together as friends and it was the first of many sleepless nights for us to come. This night was so fun that we kept hanging out and soon planned a beach trip trip over the summer. We had planned to go to Ocean City, New Jersey. Which we ended up going and having lots of fun. Whenever I look at this picture it brings me joy because at that moment, all I felt was happiness and so grateful to have such a fun group of friends. Not only the ones in the picture but everyone I am lucky enough to call a friend. Friends like these don’t always come along so when you have them you should keep them close. High school is meant to have fun with your friends and not care about anything, and to just live in the moment. Your teenage years go by quickly and you don’t want to waste it not making fun memories with your friends. 

Childhood Memory

Our childhood shapes us to who we are today. In A08, the author describes how it was growing up in a one room school. The way the author describes growing up in their life describes a hardship that kids should never have to go through. The author describes how she was assaulted at a young age. She states how it was normal for boys to assault young girls, but also how traumatizing it was for the girls having to live through it. Living through this can really shape how you live your life later on, especially if it is traumatizing. What happens to you at a young age can shape who you become later in your life. Nonetheless, for me, something I would say that changed me is moving from New York, a very big city, to rural Leesburg. Moving at such a young age my memory is hazy however I can remember some things. One thing that was very different for me was the education system. School for me in New York was different from Leesburg. From the teachers, students, the buildings, everything was very different. If I never had moved I would be a completely different person. From going to the city to a small town it Virginia change was big. My surroundings were very distinct from the big city. If I still lived in New York then I would not be the same person I am today. Big or small change defines the person you are today.

Organic Object

At the beginning of this assignment I thought it was silly to be writing about a object. When I first heard of the assignment I thought it would be hard to write about a inanimate object. However, over time it became easier to write about my Mint leave.

Dear Mint did you like living in my backyard? Did you like growing underneath the Apple Tree? It looked like a wonderful place to grow. Did you enjoy seeing my dog, Toby, everyday when we let him go outside in the backyard? I enjoy your smell. So minty fresh. Such a nice smell but your leaves are brown and brittle. How come some are so green yet others are brown with holes?


Oh Dear Mint, how we meet again. Even browner than last time we encountered. You look so sad. You must want to be used for your main purpose of being a garnish for a delicious dish. However, do people mistake you for something else? Maybe Parsley or Cilantro? Maybe you are having an identity crisis so you want to change your appearance. 


Dear Mint, so brown and so ugly. You use to be so bright and green. You are now so dull and brown. The sun no longer shines on you. Only the darkness of my backpack. You have changed your color, just like the trees do when fall comes around, but not as pretty as the trees. Now you have no use in the kitchen. How so dull no one would want to use you in their food. If I had to I wouldn’t use you. Wouldn’t even have given you a second thought. So what will be your purpose now?

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