January 29

Practical Applications of Neuroscience


I believed that a google site would be the best way to present my information in an organized manner. Through the templates provided on google sites, google sites is an easy to use creative tool for organizing information. My google site was sent out to a neuroscience lab in Ashburn. The google site was a good way to present some of the basic concepts in neuroscience. I can use the information gathered to present my understanding of neuroscience to other people than may be interested in neuroscience. My google site briefly examined some of the aspects of neuroscience including neurology (Neurology is a medical field that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease involving the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems), neuropsychology (Neuropsychology is a discipline of neuroscience that seeks to study the effect of brain damage on animals, mainly humans), and computational neuroscience(Computational neuroscience studies information processing in the nervous system). I had to adjust my paper from an audience of just Mr. Stephens to an audience with a group of people who might be interested in neuroscience. I had to cut information out of my google site because I could not go as far in depth as in my research paper.