October 19

I Hate Bob the Builder.

Guys Bob the Builder is terrible. Bob from Bob the Builder is known to have a group of some type of extraterrestrial beings that happen to look like construction machinery. However, throughout the series, he is seen to be abusing and forcing them against their will to work for the master Bob the Builder. This is a clear example of how the television series alludes to the modern era, where workers are underpaid and treated like slaves. He always suppresses them into manual labor through his “Can we build it?” chants, which reflect upon the mentality of modern capitalism. In addition, the other citizens of the town are like the middle-class actively supporting them and demanding products while the “workers” continue to live in a red, cold, and dark shed. Bob the Builder can also continuously buy more “workers” and fuel his own idea of slavery in the present day. I find this a despicable example of what our society is progressing towards, where workers are corraled by societal standards that prevent them from unionizing and resisting the inevitable oligarchical take over of the world. The middle class sit by and watch as more and more of our rights are being taken away, while the poor become poorer. Bob the Builder is a warning for the future, similarly to George Orwell’s “1984”. Even the Bob the Builder brand has been bought and sold to different companies for toy rights. This is just yet another example of the inevitable take over by big companies.

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