September 11

A Lemon.

What I can see from my first impression of the lemon is that it looks full of juice. There are sparkles where the light reflects off of the juice. It looks tasty from an outward appearance, but I know that traitorous lies dwell inside that lemon. Where one would expect sweet plump fruit is replaced with bitter sour that can contort any face. Its smell in unrelenting, piercing your nose with its tangy scent. The outside is even more bitter than the inside, a taste that would make a season veteran wince. It feels wet, leaves behind a sticky acidic film on your hands that will remain until you wash it off. Its taste is as if your tastes buds themselves are being dissolved by acid.

The first impression of this lemon is bad and does not convey any sympathy for it. The entire Fat Column is ridiculing the lemon remorselessly, and does not attempt to approach from the lemons point of view.Lemon oh lemon, what mysteries do you hold. What hides behind that sour taste. Why must you force others away. What part of people do you hate so dearly. The outside is even more rotten than the inside, a brown color that conveys a disgusting feeling. Is your hatred guided by your age, you show as you grow old and become more rotten. I speak about the mystery behind the lemons age. How the Lemon’s brown color is making it depressed. I spoke of how rotten the lemon had become and how it had grown brown.

You are as old as ever, your rotten browning skin makes people cringe away. Is it your rotten skin that smells so bad, that people can sense the tartness from afar? Why are you so grouchy, old lemon? Is it from seeing your years slip by, never experiencing all that life holds for you? I hope you will forget your malice in you winter years, and soften up.