As the dreaded (or desired!) May 1st deadline quickly approaches for many seniors who are preparing to commit to colleges next year, my status as a senior has definitely been more apparent wherever I go. After a short nostalgic conversation with my classmates in class one day, the thoughts of last everythings that I have managed to push back from the beginning of the school year have resurfaced and there is no way I can push them back down.

How could I? Our second graduation rehearsal is coming up soon! I’m talking to people on an app that allows admitted students to engage in conversation and get to know each other before the college experience even starts! Within the next 6 months, there will be an overhaul of firsts. First day of college, first college class, first days of freedom!!! Haha. But now, currently, at 10 AM in AP Lit class, there are still a lot of lasts that I will get to experience before moving on from high school to college and becoming adults in the world. And that includes so many lasts for dance that I know I’m going to miss incredibly from the beginning to the end of the season:
– Last auditions
– Last rookie introductions
– Last uniform fitting
– Last summer camp experience
– Last summer practice
– Last football game
– Last fall pep rally
– Last beginning-of-year lock in
– Last UDA Competition
– Last ECR Competition
– Last Sweetheart Invitational
– Last Nationals
– Last Annual Workshop
– Last morning practice
– Last afternoon practice
– Last dance workshops

Those are just the official events. I’m going to miss laughing with my team, learning choreo from my teammates, and seeing all of their faces in school everyday. Sorry if this was kind of a debbie-downer haha.

On a brighter note, your girl is going to college! #GMU22!

– Sofia V


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