As you may now know, my inspiration to dance comes from seeing the fiery passion that lives within individuals of the dance community. This past spring break, I have been watching hours of dance videos that both entertain and inspire me. Here’s one of my favorites:

Out of all of the great choreography that I consumed from different hip hop competitions to professional workshops this past week, this one takes the cake for me and further solidifies the spot on my bucket list to take the opportunity to take a class from WilldaBeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra. From watching this video, there is a universal genuine joy for dancing that comes from every dancer that is highlighted and the aspect that stands out to me the most are the short, but definitely not small freestyle bits that Mr. Adams encourages from each dancer.

With being a dancer comes lots and lots of criticism, especially from those who feel that dancing as a profession holds no value or worth in one’s life. As a result, many dancers fall prey to this negative criticism and judgment and stop trying to fulfill their passion to dance. I especially loved this video because every dancer in the workshop saw to it that everyone felt comfortable being themselves, letting their passion take over, and enjoy the opportunity they have been given to express who they were as artists. I commend Mr. Adams for creating an environment that held no judgment, and was of pure love and joy. Have you ever been to a workshop? How was your experience?


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