Being on an actual dance team for four years now, there were so many times during practice where I felt like giving up. So many times where I thought, “If dance isn’t something I want to pursue as a career in the future, why am I doing this at all? Why am I going through the same 8-count fifty times in a row for 3 hours and ending practice with sore muscles and mental exhaustion? What is all this for?”

That’s the golden question isn’t it? What IS all of this for?

I dance because I crave it. I dance because the music feeds my soul and allows me to show it through my body. I dance because the people I share the same passion with are some of the most real and grounded people I know.

Those who have a true passion will know this: Keeping up with what you love is hard. Working tirelessly to be good at what you love is hard. But you push through the adversity and the setbacks because you love it. If you are truly passionate about something, you won’t give up on it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing shameful about taking a break when things become overwhelming but one will always find their way back to their passion.

On another note, with a passion comes goals. There are certain milestones that I want to reach as a dancer that I am working towards. Places I want to go, people I want to learn from, pieces I want to create. If you’re passionate about something, work towards those goals. And when you reach them, celebrate and create more. Never stop growing.

What are your passion-goals?

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