(Image Credit: Screenshot of Apple’s iOS 12.2 release notes)

(Image Credit: Screenshot of a 5Ge logo in the status bar on an iPhone XS)

AT&T’s 5G Evolution or 5Ge is now on iPhone. I covered this a previous post (http://blogs.lcps.org/comi/2019/03/08/atts-fake-5g/), but basically AT&T is showing a 5Ge logo when it’s actually LTE Advanced. This was now sent to the iPhone with iOS 12.2. This is currently on iPhone 8 and later, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Gen) and iPad Pro 11-inch. So, if you have one of those devices you will soon see a 5Ge logo. This is not 5Ge and will not get you faster speeds. This is just a service provider using buzz words to try to trick people in to thinking they are first to mass 5G.

AT&T’s Fake 5G is on iPhone
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